Trail check

If you haven't heard, our area was hit by a pretty good winter storm on Christmas Day. Some folks were without power for over a week! Everywhere there are trees and limbs and broken branches that will need to be cleaned up. We had some damage here too, but the house wasn't hit.

We went out today to see what damages there were to the Levy trail we like going on so much. Most of the trail survived and all of it could still be traversed. There were a few tricky parts though!
Ziva let me lead the way so I could feel special.
She is such a brave dog. (coughcough)
New Yoga pose?

There was evidence of folks having cut up some of the trees and branches that were blocking the trail. There was a section of trail that I think of as the 'party' section that you could have driven on as it was so clean. Funny how all the trees and limbs seem to fall sideways along that part of the trail so it was still passable!

With changes coming to my exercise routine again, it was good to know that I still have my trail to fall back on, when all else fails.

Till next time, walk-on!


Love the brave Ziva letting you go first.

So awesome that you have such a great trail to walk on, sounds like you make the most of it!

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