Pool Party!

Today has been a little bit better. Since my glum-day on Wednesday, I have puzzled and puzzled over why I was having a tough time. I came up with several itty bitty thoughts that added up to one big pity party! I KNOW this stuff happens. I also know I can get through it this time. I know I can, I know I can, I know I can....I WILL!!!

In no particular order, things that triggered my glum-day were these:

1. I saw a TV show that said the fat guy in the pool aerobics class, wasn't going to lose any weight that way because it isn't a real workout.

2. I was bored at the local outdoor swimming pool as I have no one to pass the time with, so time seems to drag on and on and on there.

3. I realized I really do not like exercising in the afternoon and I want to exercise in the mornings. I want to get it out of my way so I don't have to obsess about it until I DO get it done.

4. I stepped on the scale during the middle of the week, not wearing the clothing that I normally wear to weigh-in. I had on heavier clothes because I was working out in the gym. I was wearing real shoes not my sandals; pants and top, not skirt and blouse; and it wasn't the same time of day even. How can I compare week to week if I am not being consistent?

5. The elliptical hurt my knee so I couldn't do that. The half hour on the treadmill about killed me! I thought I could walk????????

6. I am tired.

7. Food has not been satisfying to me lately. I have the munchies and don't even have a reason to have them!

What am I doing to solve my dilemma? I first turned to online searches to find motivation. I then adjusted my workout schedule. I am doing a few minutes of either the bike, the Wii, or just using dumbbells to exercise 10-30 minutes at home. This way I only have to worry about half as much time in the pool or gym. It seems to be helping already. My brain is coming back on track and I think I am going to be okay again!

I have about nine or ten more weeks of this summer vacation. I can do this. I have to! I don't want to be fatter than I am and would rather be skinnier!!!

I weigh in, officially, tomorrow. I hope it surprises me. But if not, I know I will be okay! Shirley, a friend from the pool, left me a nice note that has stuck with me all day. She only said what I have been saying to myself these past few days, but it was nice to hear it from someone else too. Thank you Shirley!

A quick note about these past few days. I never went off my food program and I still did my minimum of 60 minutes per day of on-purpose-exercise! Why do I note this? Because in the past, I would have quit and been eating burgers at Hardee's by now. I live about two blocks from one! hahahahahaha!!!

Okay, now it is time to say bye for today everyone! See you after this weekend!


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