Oh You Silly Woman!!!

Have you seen a pattern in my blog? I have. Every once in a while, I have an off week...a week where I am doubting everything I am doing...a week where I am thinking I should just give up. How silly is that? Because I have had over 45 years of practice, I can now recognize this pattern of thinking for what it is: SABOTAGE!!!
My inner child is trying to sabotage my outer adult! This is one time where spanking a child can be done without guilt! I have sent that child to her corner to pout and am back in my happier mood! YES, losing a couple pounds this week helped. I admit it! I am silly because I think I may have misread the scale on Wednesday!!!

I wanted to treat myself for having lost that first 50 pounds. Instead of a food treat, I got myself some hot pink Crocs sandals! I love Crocs and have acquired several pairs this year. I have bright colors and am getting away from the dull black colors that used to be 99% of my wardrobe. I think color in your closet makes you happier!

In other news, I tried another Margherita pizza. I found the Kashi brand in our store. You may recall I had tried the Kroger store brand with good results. I figured Kashi should be healthier. Isn't that their brand image, that they are a healthier choice? I did the same portions with the Kashi, that I had done with the Kroger brand. For half a pizza:
Kashi: 435 calories with 14 grams of fat.
Krogers: 420 calories with 18 grams of fat.
At first glance, it would seem that if you want to cut the fats you would go with the Kashi pizza. If you want to cut calories you would cut the Krogers pizza. They are very close in comparison. BUT what I found out was that the Kashi pizza is TINY! I was SO MAD when I opened the box and found their pizza was smaller! The box was the same size as normal frozen pizza boxes but the content was about half the size!!! Talk about deception! Taking this size difference into consideration, the Kroger store brand had a lot more food for the calories than the Kashi.

So beware when comparing pizzas. The Red Baron pizza we get for the boys, weighs 21oz. and my Kashi pizza was 11oz. I wish I had noticed that before!!! I am not sure what the Kroger pizza weighs exactly, but I know it was closer to the Red Baron size than the skimpy Kashi size.

I still have to find the Newman's Pizza and I may try the California Margherita one. I had tried the California pizzas a few years ago and found the crust to be very lacking in taste and texture.
You can bet I will read the weights on these pizzas and compare them to
the Kroger one again. Just an added note: I have not found the pre-made pizza crusts to be a healthy choice and I may decide to give up and make my own crusts in the future.

Did I tell you I bought an exercise bike? It could have been this one, from this old ad from the early 70's. It isn't perfect and has a few issues, but I am using it a couple times a week. I only do about ten minutes a time on it though, as it really tires my legs out! This is a good thing!

I met my goal for this ten week period. I am getting real close to a SIXTY pound loss! I have never ever ever done this for such a long time, in a healthy manner, with exercising involved, and am just amazed this is working! What is the difference? I think a huge part is that I am not doing this on my own this time. Folks do say that support groups are important. Guess what? They were right!

I had to show this bag of dog food again. It is a 40 pound bag and is the actual one I drag into the house every few weeks. I still cannot believe I lost more weight than this bag weighs!

This next week should be a lot like last week, as far as exercise goes. There is no end in sight of the 90+ temperatures that have kept me in a pool or indoors to exercise! We need the rain, badly!

Thanks for reading my blog today. Is there anything you would like me to talk about? I have some ideas for a future blog posting and might do one in the middle of the week.
Anyway, it is Father's Day today and I need to help my son get his presents ready to give to his dad. I hope you are having a great day and will come back soon!
Bye for now!


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