Lot's of Crafting going on

There is a challenge for the February meeting of our quilt guild. All you have to do is 
make a block that is heart themed. I made an appliquéd one. 
My camera doesn't take the best photos. That background is more of a blue/gray color.

The Stitch-a-long is still going on. I have been pleasantly surprised at myself for keeping up with it on a daily basis! I added a wee squirrel in the tree's trunk today. I also started a hobbit house in the background.

I finished the trellis.

And oh look! There's the beginnings of a Gnome!

I tested a hat pattern and am calling it my 'Green Bean Beanie"

I have all the blocks done for the Orphan Block Challenge for this quilt called "Chaos"

Last, but not least, we are getting snow tonight!
It's hard to believe we had the AC on for Christmas.
That's it for this week ya'll. 
Happy Life!


Jaye said…
WOW!! You are getting a lot done! The stitching looks really good.
Sherri said…
Thanks Jaye. I don't know what's in the air here but I've been loving my crafting lately. Fabric, yarn, and threads are just flying all around! lol

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