Just stitching along....

I've worked a lot on my Stitch-a-day project a lot. It's been surprisingly therapeutic for me.
If you look closely, you can see the progress over a few days' of stitching:

The Gnome has transportation now:

I made another kit from donated Orphan Blocks. 
This will be sewn together into a quilt top by another member 
of my quilt guild and then come back to me. 
I will add strips to make a boarder around it and it 
will become a donation quilt for someone in need.

I started making a brick quilt"

I need to arrange these rows and will join them with more white 
strips to make the 'mortar' for the bricks.

It's been rather chilly here so I've spent the evenings crocheting.
This is "Christmas in July" by BebeBlankets.
This is the back side:
 That's it for today. I hope you are all keeping warm, healthy, and happy!


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