It feels like summer is more than half overwith!

I recently did a body fat test, using one of those gizmos that runs a current through your body. It doesn't hurt by the way. Now if you have a pacemaker, it could hurt you, so use with caution, if you do use such a tool. It showed I had a little over 38% body fat. I should be about 5% lower for my age.

According to the manual that came with it, I should weigh about 165 pounds. This new information gave me pause to consider setting that as a goal-weight to achieve. I would have 24-25 pounds to lose. Do I want to really put in the changes to achieve this? I honestly am not sure yet.

I saw this on FaceBook the other day and thought it worth sharing:

Some of you know that I struggle with self perception. I found this photo of five women who all weigh 150 pounds:

I feel like I look like the second woman from the left. Today I am not so concerned with what I look like I weigh. I know, to most others, that I am at least a little overweight but not grossly so. I can live with that...for today. Tomorrow I might change my mind. I am female. I can do that if I want there!

Have you ever wondered how some of those diet ads get their before and after photos? Take a look at this one:
Would it surprise you to know that this was a before and after that was stolen from someones blog? And that it took at least a year for her to lose her weight? She did not put the days on there, the ad-stealers did. Her name is Roni. I like her, and her blog, a lot! You should visit her blog that she calls Roni's Weigh. She shares so much information (and has two adorable little boys). She was none too pleased about her photo being used. Then, to add insult to injury, the FaceBook comments were not very nice either! Some of the comments were that she looked anorexic, had no fashion sense, and that she looked better in the first picture.

Why are fat people so despised? I've seen some really nasty comments on other blogs. I have not gotten any here yet. I say yet, and hope it never happens. Roni has a good attitude about this all and is attempting to get her photo taken off the pill pushing web site it appeared on. I don't blame her for being angry! I don't know if I could have been as gracious about it all.

Anyway, this goes to show, as if we didn't already know, that those miracle ads do not guarantee that the people in their photos are real representatives of users of their products. I hate, hate, hate, loath, detest, and despise those who exploit the fluffy among us and who to try to make a buck off of us and our vulnerability.

People, people, is all about LIFESTYLE CHANGES!!! It is not going to be found in a miracle drug, a shot, a surgery, starvation, or without being able to move at least a little bit. It is not that hard! Really!

Ok, off my soapbox now.
I hope you are all having a wonderful end to the summer! School will soon be back in session and I hope to make a few changes to see what I might be able to do with those 25 pounds. Best of all, when the weather turns cooler I will again be able to.....


dear readers
walk on.....


builditbob said…
Wow, Sherri!
Really good post!
Love the C-R-A-P & F-O-O-D graphic.
(and every thing else.....U such a GOOD writer....and and genu-wine caring person)
We lucky to have U!

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