Reality Check

Ok, the holidays are over. The yoga classes are back in session. The last of the holiday treats have been consumed. The weight has gone up four pounds since just before Christmas.

I have not been exercising very hard. More like hardly at all. I have kept up with my yoga twice a week and I have walked 3-6 miles per week for the past ...oh, week or so. I have also not done much of anything for a few days in the middle of the week. I used to make it a point to do something six to seven days a week.

I've been enjoying a few too many sweet treats, wine, breads, cakes, candies, and the like. I know why the weight crept back up.

My negative Nelly inner voice is saying, "Here we go, we are going to get fat again." My positive Polly inner voice is saying "No, this too shall pass and we will be back on track soon."
Nelly: "You can't do this long term. You are a fake."
Polly: "That's just silly! You've worked too hard...well not hard, because it was easy. But you've stayed with the plan and did the work needed to lose all that weight! Give yourself a break!"
Nelly: "That is just a bunch of BS. Once a fatty, always a fatty."
Polly: "Yes, it IS true, once a fatty, always a fatty. You will never forget you WERE a fatty. But you will not give back all those diamonds you EARNED girl! Now hush up and give yourself some credit here!"
Nelly: "You..." !!!SLAP!!!
Polly: "Shut up Nelly! She is doing just fine. Leave her alone. Come on Walker Lady, let's plan our week and get back on track."

See you next time. Till then, walk on!!!


Andee said…
So impressed with your ability to get it back on track! I lost 50 and gained it back and two days ago I started again...I am now on the bike and recording the food on myfitnesspal. Thanks for all the motivation you provide us!!!!
Sherri said…
Andee, good for you! I lost weight in the past, several times with the use of a 'crutch' like surgery or a divorce or an extremely stressful life event. The weight always came back on. This is the first time I did everything 'on purpose' with no gimmicks. Now that I have lost so much, I am loath to gain it back. That fear, coupled with a new (still fragile) sense of empowerment has gotten me to this point. I am struggling a tad right now, but I am NOT quitting. I trust that I will get through this bump in the road. THAT is the point...I TRUST myself more than I ever did before. This is both empowering and scary as heck!

You CAN lose the weight again and then keep it off too. I believe it, now YOU believe it too. :)
Wow, love the way you bring those inner voices to life. We all have 'em sometimes and it's so easy to just passively accept negative self defeating hooey and not challenge the defeatist in us. So great that you're getting yourself back on track and inspiring others as well!

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