Wrapping Things Up

Hello all my neglected blog readers! It's turned out to be quite the roller-coaster ride of a month here.
First the bad stuff. As many of you know, I lost my beloved Ziva a few weeks ago. Abby is in mourning too. In time we both know that we will be able to move on. For now Abby and I are not going for walks out on the trail. It just doesn't feel right. It is ok though, to mourn. We are still getting our exercise walking done. Sometimes we walk in the house, out in the back yard, or at the Center. Someday there will be another dog to walk with. For now though, we are adjusting as best we can. Thankfully, Ziva's passing has been the only negative in my life, over these past few months.
In other news, the results are now in, regarding the wine experiment!
10-14-14 I started with a waist measurement of 43"- 45".
11-14-14 One week of cutting my wine consumption in half or less I had not changed. I was still at 43"- 45".
12-14-14 Two weeks later there was a big drop to 41"-43".
These results are not conclusive but it seems to encourage my resolve to back off on the wine even more. In fact it will be one of my New Year's goals.

I have just two days left to make the full year's commitment of walking ten minutes per day. I am going to change that next year as well. I am going to do a minimum of ten minutes per day (or more) of any on purpose exercise. This will be goal number two for the new year.

We had a nice holiday last week and are looking forward to the new year. I am contemplating trying to find a trainer that I can afford. I did so very well with that one, three years ago. I will at least make that be goal number three. I can just try to find one. . . you know, make the effort to at least TRY! hahaha.

Here's to your health and well lived life in 2015! I am SURE it will be a better year for me and I hope it will be a better one for you all too.
Have a great new year and walk on, dear readers, walk on.


Oh my goodness! I missed the passing of Ziva. I am so sorry, what a hole they leave. It does take a lot of time in my experience, but I hope you will get another dog in time. I know what you mean about not being able to walk certain places after they are gone. I have places I have yet to bring my latest dog and it has been over 6 years. Take care, Sam
Sherri said…
Thank you QD. The hole is still in my heart, but it is a bit smaller. I know I will be alright. I appreciate your comment a lot!

Hope you and your furbabies have a wonderful new year too!

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