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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

The Thinker

I've been rethinking about a lot of things lately. I actually took off the whole weekend to spend time with my family. No trips to the center for exercise or meetings or classes, no walks, no sitting at my computer in my studio away from family. It was wonderful.

I wasn't just sitting around being a couch potato, nor did I ignore my food choices. We stayed active. We worked for hours in the hot sun, doing yard work. We went shopping. We moved furniture around in the house and put shelves up. I exercised a LOT that way!

It's been five solid months now that the scale hasn't really moved. I fluctuate between 187 and 189 pounds, give or take an ounce or three. When I stop and think about it, I have reached a level of comfort and weight that might be just where I stay at. I lead an active life, make a point of exercising several times a week, eat sensibly, and take care of myself. Is this really as easy at it seems? How was I missing this all my life?

I don't feel deprived. I am not starving. I am not beating myself up on the treadmill. I am not running marathons. I am happy! Okay, so TODAY I am handling the stuck scale just fine. Will I feel this way tomorrow or next week? I don't know yet.

Another thing I wonder about is all this food stuff. Is organic really better? I agree that some organic foods taste better, but some do not. Organic also costs double or more. I don't mind paying more IF it truly tastes better. If I cannot tell the difference though, does it really matter THAT much? I am starting to ease up on my restrictions of trying to always only buy organic. I think I will use the non-organic if it tastes the same or better. I still like the organic chicken better for taste, so I will probably keep buying that. As far as the organic beef...ground beef, it does not taste any better or worse. I would do better on buying the really lean non-organic beef than spending even more on the organic. 

All these decisions are subject to change as the wind blows. It is just that lately I am thinking I don't really have to be SO hung up on every little thing!!! I am obsessive enough about other stuff in my life! I don't need to obsess about food too. And having said all this, I certainly will NOT gain all my weight back! I plan to keep that 100 pounds off and gone for good. I know I can do this now. I have done it for almost a half a year. IF things change in the future, it will be because I decide to make it change. The only option for change would be to try to lose more weight. Right now, I think I will coast for a while and see where this leads me. 

As ever, I will be researching and reading and listening to pod casts and videos. There is so much information out there! I also will be having my annual check up next week. I have lots of questions for the doctor. His answers and the tests results will probably play a part in how I proceed from now on too.

Success is neurologically determined by one's ability to stay focused on a task. My task is to eat healthy, stay active, fit exercise in my daily life or fit activity in my daily life. If I do that, I will be successful.

To TOTALLY change thoughts now, there is one thing I wish I could take care of. I have so much loose skin and flappy body parts that I feel so ugly sometimes! My bat arms could lift me high in the sky if a strong wind came up. Perhaps I should do what the lady in the picture below is doing. Heck, wouldn't it be the patriotic thing to do?
Till next time folks, walk on!

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Cynthia said...

Hi Sherri,
I'm with you on the rethinking...or just plain thinking in the first place! Fortunately, my weight continues to creep down,although at less than half the pace it did when I began a year and a half ago.

My problem is that I still have almost uncontrollable urges to overeat or eat things I shouldn't. I love to bake and sweets are my problem. I have gone very long stretches without any sweets passing my lips, but sometimes I just become obsessed with them. I know obsessed is a strong word, but I don't know what else to call it when I think about cake once every five minutes for three straight days until I give in and bake one.I certainly feel obsessed at those times. So for me, "thinking" means devoting considerable time every day to trying to overcome whatever it is that drives me to want to eat sweets.If I don't fix that, I know the weight won't stay off for the long term. So I have lots of thinking in my future!

And don't get me started about loose skin. I've lost almost 150 pounds, but still won't go out in shorts because I look like a deflated elephant! So I guess I have some thinking to do about how not to care what others think of my wrinkles.