Quick Update!

This is a quick shout-out to Shirley and all the gang at the center: "I miss you all too! Only five more weeks to go before I am back with you all again!"

I have spent the summer reading, swimming, and trying to keep on track with everything. I just had the Forth of July Invasion of all my adult kids and my son-in-law here at the house. It was hard to resist all the tempting holiday treats! It helped that my daughter has declared herself to be a Vegan. She and I were able to share many foods! I won't know until tomorrow if the snacking and lack of exercising, did any damage. I only really missed one day, so it really isn't that bad!

I have tackled several stressful issues over the past ten days. I really recognized the 'old me' trying to rear her head and take over the 'new me'! The AC went out in our RV that my daughter and her husband were going to stay in and getting that fixed the week before a huge holiday weekend wasn't easy! I was frazzled by all the company coming and by getting everything ready to go. I wanted to eat and I wanted a cigarette. I resisted both.

I will admit I had a coupe crackers that I normally would not have touched. I also had a couple puffs of my husband's cigarette. However, I got right back in the right frame of mind and am not smoking again, nor am I over-eating. In the past, I would have been doing both as well as drinking! No wonder I was fat!!! It is interesting to me when I discover such things about my psyche.

But I did it! Although I missed one day of planned exercising, I DID manage to go swimming, WITH the family, at the same pool I have been going to all summer! So YA me!

I am working on trying to sell off some of my fat clothes now. I have recently had to buy about 95% of the clothes that are currently hanging in my closet. I had donated a lot of clothes but I could really use some money to buy new clothing. I shop at the thrift stores, so it isn't like I am needing new, off the rack, clothing! Anyway, it is all working out. It is all working out s-l-o-w-l-y, which is the way it is supposed to when you are making a life-style change!

I hope to have a better posting over the weekend. Tomorrow is weigh-in day. I am only one pound away from having lost 60 pounds!!! Wish me luck!


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