I weighed in today. I thought I might be down a pound or two, but not three point six pounds!!! I made another milestone! Almost 63 pounds have gone away, over the past eight months!

I can hardly believe it! I plan to reward myself with a new swimsuit.

I was going to be all philosophical on today's posting too! You will have to forgive me though, because I am just so in shock over this milestone event!

I still worry about that fatter gal I left behind. I hope she retires now and leaves me to enjoy the rest of my life in a more normal and healthy way! I have a lot of work to do to get my brain in order too. My life constantly evolves and changes as the 'new' me emerges. It is true, what they say, you do feel almost reborn in a new body!

At night, when laying in bed, my knees hit each other now. I can feel my ribs and hip bones. It is all strange, this new body. I hate the saggy flabby parts and sometimes wish I had the money to get a few nips and tucks on my belly and underarms. I am just not vain enough to do that. I will have to get creative with my clothing. I know most people still see a fat woman walking around. I feel skinny though and what I feel...counts!

See ya next time!


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