Oh Poor Me...NOT!!!

Sometimes I really DO feel like poor Eeyore. So sad. So down in the dumps. This journey though, has shown me that a sad day is most often followed by a better day and then a happier day!

That is what happened a week ago, yesterday. After a .2 gain last Saturday, that really shouldn't count for much, this week I had a .6 loss. That really shouldn't count either, but I am counting it anyway! I think I am hovering around a plateau right now. I am mostly, okay with this. I know I need to change up my exercise routine a bit, in order to push for bigger losses again.

In two weeks my son goes back to school and I plan to do just that, change up my exercises! It is still very hot here in central Arkansas and I look forward to the days I can walk my dog outside again! Until then, once I am more free to go back into the gym at the center, I will keep exercising in the pool. It might not be doing much for weight loss, but I feel it is still keeping major weight gain from happening!

I am still riding the 'high' from being able to fit into those jeans this last week!
I am excited that I have this pair and two others that I saved from all those many years ago! I will be wearing them this fall and winter. I like them so much that if I lose too much and get too small for them and keep that weight off, I will have them professionally altered to fit. They are bell bottoms and I am such a hippy chick at heart!Don't be an Eeyore! Keep on with your personal program and KNOW that a better day always comes, IF you really WANT it to! Besides, who wants to be blue unless they are in the Blue Man Group?!!!

See you next week!


Anonymous said…
Hi Sherri,
You have had a most interesting summer. I admire you so much. You have kicked those excessive pounds BUT! Way to go!
Shirley from the Center said…
Hey Sherri, You have had a most interesting summer. You have kicked those extra pounds BUT! I admire you so much! WAY TO GO!
Sherri said…
Thanks Shirley! You're a great friend! Can't wait to see you at the center again!

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