Thursday, September 29, 2022

Blooming inside and out

My Walking with Walker Lady blog has been a mash up of my creative arts, Abby, and life. I've decided to go back to having Walker Lady be more life with Abby and chit chat. If you want to see my creative arts please go over to The Lazy Quilter Blog.

Last year I had a bunch of morning glory flowers on this trellis. This year, due to the insane heat, only a few vines made it far enough along to bloom. One bloom is better than none. 
Then there are the Devil's Lillies or Naked Ladies. They come out of nowhere, every fall! It is said that you should not touch them as you'll get a rash. I won't be bringing in a bouquet of these to the house.
Flowers make me happy. 

You know what else makes me happy? Being one step closer to having a decent smile again. 
I went in for a fitting for the new partial. It's very weird looking inside but the teeth are better than the hole in my smile, don't you think? It will be another TWO weeks until I get the final product. This was only for a fitting and to determine the coloring of the new teeth. This has been such a long long process.

I love Charlie Brown cartoons. When I saw this mockup one, I just had to share. No really, I HAD to! Gads I wish they'd legalize this plant.

Way back when I started this blog it was all about losing weight and I lost over 100 pounds in about one and a half years. I was a fanatic about the foods I ate and the exercise I did. After losing Ziva I lost the desire to carry on. My mojo went away. I slowly gained back almost all the weight I had lost. I got up to 267 pounds around Christmas last year (2021). The pandemic hadn't helped much either but mostly it was all on me. I just didn't care and I was in denial that it even mattered what I did.
I don't know what happened between Christmas and mid January, but my brain shifted. I stopped drinking wine or any other types of alcohol. I started walking. My mantra was that I would ONLY do what I was willing to do each day, pretty much for the rest of my life. When I started out, I found that I was only walking around 1000 steps PER DAY! That is not very much.

I set my first goal to try for 3000 steps per day. I dug out my old FitBit One and stuck it in my pocket. I also logged my food. I wasn't really calorie counting, just logging what I was eating. At the same time, I started working on my crafts harder. I picked up a stitch per day challenge for embroidery. I was working on challenge quilts and ideas for my quilt guild. I was crocheting a lot of things. As you also know, Abby came back into my life. 

It had taken eight years to gain all that weight back. Today, it's been a little over eight months since I made the walking commitment. I've lost 22 pounds. I don't know where this will end up. Right now I am not willing to make any other changes. I have kept my walking goal at 3500 steps per day for almost 150 days straight now. We shall see how this goes. 


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