Thursday, August 18, 2022

Summertime slowdown? . . . NOPE!

I hope you have time to read all this. 
I'm sorry it's rather long today. I've been a tad busy.
This is my design wall as of this afternoon:
This is what it looked like last week:

I have not actually been making a bunch of quilts. I've been playing with orphan blocks. The ones in the above photo, on the upper left, are the beginnings of "Swirlygig" our guild's mystery quilt challenge. All the rest of the blocks in both photos are orphans that need to be set into some sort of organized chaos before coming together into a quilt top.

I finally got back to working on the embroidery 2022 project. 
Jingly Bits Minstrels are coming along quite nicely!

Remember the leaves from last time? I had covered them in Liquitex. Well, that didn't work like I'd hoped. 
I went and bought some actual Modge Podge in the glossy finish and did some new leaves.
I'm not quite sure why it's going on so strangely on the back sides. 
I will give them all more than one coating of the goop, before proceeding to the next step.

I have a walking stick that I use sometimes when we're camping. I always wished it had a handle. I don't know why it took me so long, but I figured out that I could actually MAKE one!
There's an interesting side note to this project. The tutorials I found online all used paracord. It's a type of thin strong rope that melts when you burn the ends and that stops it from fraying. Well, a few months ago, while camping, my husband found a long length of paracord in our campsite! We'd brought it home and had set it in the garage with no idea what we'd use it for. I guess Ms Fate knew! hahahaha
BTW, I tested the handle today and it worked wonderfully!!!

I recently had to rip out about seven rounds of crochet work because I had discovered a mistake.
Can you see it? Look at the bottom of the left hand photo. That is the correct stitch. I had made three out of four of those, wrong!!! I have finally caught back up to where I had to rip this out and it is back on track again. 

Oh look! Here's a little visit from Abby:

Don't worry, Abby is fine. Just don't drink rain water, ok?

My #3 Son has a plant named Robert. 
(Yes, Robert Plant)
He let me have one of Robert's kids. 
We have named him Bobby.
I hope Bobby will be happy here. 

Till next time y'all, happy crafting!


Jaye said...

OMG! Some of your comments made me laugh, including the xxes on Abby's eyes after she drank the rainwater. I know I should laugh at people dying, but hte drawing is very funny.

I love the name Swirlygig!. I can believe you just tossed that into a big conglomeration post! Need more info!! What is the challenge? Did you make the blocks or were you given them? Did everyone make blocks? What is the goal?

Have you seen Maria Shell's Kitchen Sink quilting classes? I think you are experienced enough not to need them, but they are all the rage in my guild and some great quilts came out of her class. Not sure if you saw the first post at: Click through the calendar on my blog for that week so see the others. My SIL did this one and it is great: I worked on this one with a friend: and this one: is my favorite.

I am so amazed at your embroidery! What a fantastic piece. How big is it again?

Sherri said...

LOL Jaye, your comments made me smile too! I'll email you with the answers to your questions. Thank you SO MUCH for commenting and I am happy you enjoyed my posting. :)

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