A few yarns for you...

Earlier this past week, I made great progress on my son's socks:
I finished them on Saturday
The best part was the comment from him that they not only fit, 
but were also very comfortable.

I finally joined all the pieces together for this pink donation quilt.
I am liking how this one is turning out.
Next will be a couple of border strips to make it big enough.

I got some more yarn because....who can resist a great sale?
Sadly, this is only about half of what I ordered. The package it came in had been opened and taped back shut. Not only were there THIRTEEN missing skeins of yarn, four of the ones that did come, were dirty. The company is making good on everything but dang-it, the inspectors should be more careful.

I think my dogs want to go play with The Mister.
(Loki, Roxy, and Dex)

Till next time, happy crafting y'all! 


That is nuts about the missing yarn! I am glad they are going to make it right. Socks that fit and are comfortable really is the ultimate in compliments.

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