Sock (it) to (me) Sock

I am getting better and better at crocheting socks.
This is the best heel turn I have made so far!

I've been trying to go for a walk every day.
This morning I was herding bunny rabbits.
Can you see all three?

I'm still progressing with my embroidery project:

We went camping again and my favorite tree was happy to see us! 

I finished a blanket shawl:

When camping, this was the mini waterfall next to our campsite:

The weather has turned super hot.
We have 'reverse cabin fever' where we stay indoors all summer
like folks stay indoors in the winters, up north.
I am ready though. I have lots of books to read!

Here is the latest Orphan Block quilt top.
This will be given as a donation quilt, through our local guild.

This isn't a bug.
It's a crack in the windshield of the car!

Finally, back to those socks.
This pair is done! 
I've stared THREE more pairs since then.
Summer is a good time to do socks as they aren't so hot in your lap while stitching.

This catches me up for now! 
Till next time, happy crafting!!!


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