September 13-19: "Project Re-Org"



Jaye said…
Ask for help and stay positive. Get the work done with breaks (what is the most important laundry to get done?), because you need to take care of yourself. Love these diary entries!!!

Moving stuff is a good time to make a donation pile. ;-) Just sayin'
Sherri said…
I am trying to be smart about it all. This all came about so fast! I've hardly been able to wrap my head around it. I am getting much better about pacing myself though. OH and you'll be interested to know that I might have a studio re-do of my own, in the near future. hahaha
I have already taken one car load to a local thrift store. I also gave an almost like new twin bed to a man who'd lost everything and needed it for his daughter. (no wife) It felt so good to be able to help those in need! Plus I love love love purging things in this house!!! hahaha
Thank you for your comment. If I have even just an audience of ONE, it makes it much easier to do the daily cartoons. :)

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