Syrup isn't Sugar and Sugar isn't Syrup?

If corn syrup solids are listed as the first ingredient, why are sugars listed as ZERO grams? Did you know this? I am still researching this but I think I have figured out that corn syrup solids are not considered sugar because it is a syrup. It is listed as a carb but not a sugar. I am not amused. My coffee creamer's first ingredient is "corn syrup solids". I think I am going to go back to half and half in my coffee. It is a LOT more natural! So watch those grams of carbs in your ingredients, especially if they say they are sugar might be a lie fib!

In the post before this I had several commenter's. Thank you so much! I often wonder if anyone is still reading this blog. For the record, I have NOT started smoking this time. Also for the record, I am doing better. The scale didn't budge but my mood has lifted. I have plans for keeping my moods lifted this week too. I am hoping to meet with my old trainer from last fall to see if we can work out a way to meet a few times a week so I can gain my strength back. I am also thinking about doing another 5K. I can't tell you what a relief it is to feel good again!

Part of the reason for my mood lifting, is recently I gave myself permission to visit the Wizard of Oz. He told me "There's no place like home" and that it might take six years, but I CAN go home!
Just the THOUGHT process of giving myself permission to make plans for going home has taken a weight off my shoulders like you wouldn't believe!

Now I am doing some brainstorming. I will be in my mid sixties when the first window of opportunity happens for such a grand move. What kind of life do I want and what kind of life can I actually do, back in California, in my 60's? I've thought about being a 'Life Coach'. I have toyed with the idea of owning a big Victorian mansion where I host retreats for quilters, weight loss support groups, Yoga, and more. I would have some of my favorite old friends help with this endeavor. There is Laume the quilter, Kimberly the masseuse, Gereg the sword play instructor, and Lenie the Bubble Fairie and Labyrinth builder...just to name a few. Yes, I have an odd bunch of friends out there!

Will ANY of this transpire? I honestly am not sure. Just the exercise of thinking this way though, has opened up a whole new world to me and has turned my life around to a happier place.

Why am I sharing this with you? To show you that the power of the mind REALLY IS awesome. If you are struggling...and I certainly was...all it took was resetting my brain. This works for weight loss too. I mean really...I was obese ALL my life. I didn't know what a normal weight was. True I have a few more pounds to go, but every time I have lost weight in the past, I gained it back. Even having had gastric bypass surgery over 30 years ago, did not keep me from being obese.

I had to change my mind. I couldn't do it in the way that a woman is famous (or is that infamous?) for doing. It had to be a total reset in my way of thinking. In eight months I will reach the three year goal of having lost the weight and kept it off. That is my self imposed proof positive that this time I can keep the weight off for good AND live a more normal life. Brilliant!

It was just a mind reset.

The power of the mind is really awesome!

Walk on dear is a beautiful day!


LOVE this vision and it's amazing what kinds of changes can happen once you start thinking big!

(Email catchup scheduled for later btw, a bit behind on everything).

I think it's really great that you're exploring options that really get you excited. Then it's a matter of taking things one step at a time and sticking with it, just like you did with your weight loss.

Go you!
Robin said…
I am so glad to hear that you didn't go back to smoking! Walk on and walk proudly! Robin
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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