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Sunday, October 19, 2014

October Trail Tails or Tales?

A few days ago we ventured out to my favorite trail. We wanted to see if they've mowed down the weeds. The trail is growing narrower and narrower!
It was still overgrown though. As Ziva and I walked along we saw an orange kitty. Well I saw it. Ziva was tracking it with her nose! She never looked up and actually saw the cat! hahahaha  We also saw a huge jack rabbit with ears as long as its body. Finally, in a flash of white, we saw the tails of two grown deer as they bounded off the trail. TOO COOL!!!
I am not fast enough to get photos of such things. I did manage to take a photo of Ziva and my shadow though. Gads it felt good to be back out there!

Today's weather was also perfect. I was working on a tricky project in the sewing studio and around 2pm I needed a break. We took off for a walk. The first thing we came upon were these pretty purple-y flowers:
I am not sure what they are. The bees were really enjoying them though! I was listening to my podcasts as we walked along. I decided to make a big hike out of the day and went to see if anything had been done to clean up the remote part of the trail since the last time I was out a few days ago.

There sure was something that had been done, and we were not too pleased about it!

Someone had cut a tree down to block the trail! At first I thought perhaps it was the wind we had had about a week ago, but then I saw this:
Mother Nature does not make such clean cuts.
We managed to climb over the branches though and took this parting shot as we left the roadblock:
As we neared the end of the trail, and our turn around point we came upon this:
Yes, another tree down. What the heck! This one wasn't as easy to climb through, but we did. I took another photo from the other side of this downed tree too.
I suppose the owners of the properties near the trail are tired of the shenanigans that go on at night. There are often signs of parties and such things. I still don't think this is right though. I guess I will keep going through these obstacle courses, if I want to keep using the trail.

We ended our walk today by flushing out a young hunter. I think it is illegal to hunt on the trail because it is in city limits. He thought I didn't see him and turned and walked away. When I came around a corner, he had mysteriously lost his rifle! The little chit had ditched it in the brush and was walking towards me with his phone, as if he were out for a stroll. If I had seen the gun I might have been tempted to grab it! Dang little whipper snapper!!!

So how did you spend your Sunday afternoon?
That's all for tonight. I plan to keep walking and hope my dear readers will, as always, walk-on with me!

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