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I'm the 'Lazy Quilter' who doesn't always take the time to try to achieve perfection. I prefer to enjoy the process of creating instead of agonizing over being perfect. I am 'Walker Lady' who changed my lifestyle and lost over 70 pounds in the process! I wear the hats of a Quilter, Artist, Crafter, Musician, Life Coach, Wife, and Mom, all rolled up into one unique human bean!

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Learning Lessons

I've been working on this post for over a month. I apologize for how jumpy it may seem, but if I keep trying for perfection, NOTHING will get posted!!!

I often have things I'd like to write down and share but don't take that time to do so because I don't have a picture to go along with what I am writing.  In order for me to write something witty and full of awesome content, I feel I have to punctuate the posting with adorable photos that will make you smile and draw you in.

This isn't going to be one of those postings.

If I am to believe my GP Doc, I suffer from depression and anxiety. It isn't the super-bad-want-to-kill-myself type of depression. Don't worry about that. It is a day to day existence where I often just don't feel like doing anything. I don't want to get out of bed.

Lately I have been binge-watching five seasons of a show. It is very addicting. I have an addictive personality. Addiction to food. Addiction to drink. Addiction to depression. Is it really addiction?

Those who think they understand how our brains work, do they really think they can blame away so many problems to addictions/disorders/chemical imbalances? Do so many doctors think that throwing a pill at the problem is the only way to fix it? I fight the urge to go see my doc, who would give me a pill in a heartbeat, to try to make it all better. Then I say to myself that it really isn't all that bad, as long as my family is alright with my mood swings, do I need a pill? They say they are willing. Are they really though?

I am so tired of everything.
I do not like living where I am living.
I do not like the mess of our home.
I hate summertime.
I am a doom and gloom blob.

Why am I fat? Cuz I eat too much food! Dammit Does substituting turkey bacon for pork bacon REALLY make that much of a difference? I mean, if you allow for the calories anyway, does it really make a difference?
I am sure that skinny people eat like this:
Egg white and spinach omelets and black coffee and dry toast and veggies coming out of their ears and smoothies and this is just over 1100 calories. Argle bargle.

Folks, I have not figured out the secret to maintaining weight loss yet. I am not giving up though. It has taken years and will probably take more years for me to get to a happy medium between enjoying my life, eating without harming myself, and exercising with enjoyment.

I am just not there yet.

All this depression talk....BAH. It runs in my family. I hope that by speaking out loud about it, that my children will handle it better than I have, and better than I did when I was their age. It has been one of my biggest fears in life, that they too will suffer from depression and not get the help they need to get through the tough spots. AND by help, I don't mean pop a pill but all therapy types, medical and mental.

There is another fear that they, or I, will blindly follow the doctor's advice to take a pill to fix us. In some cases, are we not all looking for that magic pill of some sort? Take a pill and feel better. Take a pill and you will lose weight.

Why are we SO freaking ashamed to admit we have depression? Why, after all these years does there have to be a stigma still attached to mental issues? And why do I obsess about that answer? I don't know. I've done it so long that it seems to be a part of me now.

I did do something different to try to get out of my funk. I went camping. Dexter went along with. We hiked for about four hours, traveling around six miles. PHEW! It was fun. It was very challenging. I want to do it again!
Dex and me, resting on the trail
Here is my son, taking photos at one of the vistas at the state park we were at:
My 15 year old said he'd like to do this again!
Abby roasted marshmallows and made s'mores. She was very worked up before she left to go camping. She was very relaxed when she came home. She wants to go again too.
* * *

Till next time my dear readers, 

Friday, April 29, 2016

Rainy Friday morning

It CAN be done. Why can't I?

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Got that out of my system

Ya, ok, I whined yesterday. Today I had a good talk with my trainer. I haven't given up. I don't have answers but I haven't given up. I need to remember I used to be here:
(about 400lbs)
 And then I was here for many years:
(about 285lbs)
And now I am here:
I am healthier than I ever was. I am maintaining, even though at a higher weight than I want to be (222) I am maintaining. I need to keep remembering how far I have come!

In other news...
I went on the trail for the first time with Dexter over the weekend. He loved it:
I remembered Ziva. I still miss her and it has been well over a year now since she passed. I took this photo of her on a rock on the trail one day:
 Here's Dex on that same rock:
 Thanks for listening to yesterday's whine. I hope to not repeat that any time too soon. Till next time, Walk-On!
The Trail - April 2016

Monday, April 25, 2016

Pass me that bottle of whine

Just pass it and don't give me any lip.
I am tired.
I am tired of ALL this effort I put in to dropping a few pounds and nothing happens! I feel like this consumes my life. I hate it. I don't want to be defined by my weight loss battles.

But if I don't teach the yoga class one day a week.....
if I don't workout two mornings a week, with the trainer.....
if I stopped leading the weight loss support group.....
if I stopped worrying about every bit of food or drink I put into my mouth....

What then?
What then....?

Sixteen years ago, when I was in my mid 40's, I adopted a lifestyle that dropped weight off like crazy. Basically I ate once a day, Monday thru Friday. The weekends were my off days. I could eat whatever.  I lost 70 pounds. When I got pregnant and the doctor told me I could not keep up with this eating style, I gained it all back.

Two weeks ago, I decided to try that again. It is called "Intermittent Fasting". Monday thru Friday I have coffee in the morning, with half and half. I don't eat again until after 5pm. From 5pm to 9-ish, I have a good supper and maybe a few snack items. I try to keep things on the healthier side and keep good snack items like fruits and nuts around. I will admit though, that I had frozen yogurt and even a piece of cake one night. When food journaling I would have those items anyway, so it wasn't a big deal to me.

After the first week, nothing changed. In fact, I went up a bit. The middle of the second week I dropped five pounds. Today I was right back up again. WTF???*^%$%@&#^*%^* I am so dang fed up with this.

I even upped my walking. I've been very consistently getting 5000 or more steps a day. It doesn't sound like much to YOU, but to ME this was an improvement.

And today I gained weight. Damn scale.

What would I be doing if I weren't doing what I am doing? My guess is that I would gain a lot of weight. I do miss some other parts of my life though. My house used to be cleaner. I used to be an avid sewer/quilter. I used to draw and paint. I used to garden more. Why am I not doing these things? Why do I feel the healthy living lifestyle is so all encompassing?  Why does the healthy living lifestyle seem to be sucking the life right out of me?

I don't know.

I shall try to figure this out. Until then, don't give up, cuz I am not. Walk-on with me, cuz I am still walking too.

Monday, April 11, 2016


Abby was bonked on the head by a 2 by 4 this week!!! 
She's heard such things in her head before and when the third person pointed out that she wasn't walking like she used to, I think she may have finally gotten that message.  Funny how that works sometimes. We just don't listen!!!

Dexter is always ready to go for a walk. He is a very busy puppy and walking will tire him out for a few seconds. There are no excuses to not incorporate walking into your schedule too.

Don't forget to drink enough water, every day!
Along with Abby and Dexter, I hope you will all, "Walk-On", too!