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is originally from Minnesota, did 'time' in California, and is currently sentenced to doing a few years in Arkansas.
She's the "Lazy Quilter" who often doesn't take time to try to achieve perfection. She's "Walker Lady" who changed her lifestyle and lost over 70 pounds in the process! She wears the hats of a Quilter, Artist, Crafter, Musician, Life Coach, Wife, and Mom, all rolled up into one crazy eccentric woman!

Friday, May 08, 2015


Just another quickie for you all. I am doing alright. Actually today I am doing better. I am still doing strength training, two days a week. Abby has decided to join me:
I have been exhausted lately. I am in great spirits though! There is a lot going on in my life and I find it hard to find time to breath. Guess that means I am getting my cardio, right? Anyway, I think Abby and I will be back in full swing soon. I really do!

Till then, walk-on y'all!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

All is Not Lost

I'm still here! I just don't have much to talk about these days. I am currently doing yoga twice a week and two workouts a week with a trainer. I am not doing much else in the way of exercising. I want to kick myself in the butt for being such a slacker!
I recently had to admit that I needed to re-size my wedding ring. I had gone from a size nine to a seven when I lost the hundred pounds. The ring was cutting into my finger since I've gained back so much. I was surprised when we only had to go up one ring size though! There is still hope! hahahaha
I am not much of an inspiration these days. I am taking one day at a time and hoping my mojo comes back.
OTHER than the weight crap, my life has been pretty good. I've been off my meds for three months now, maybe longer? And I am feeling fine. No depression, no anxiety attacks, no gut wrenching emotional crap at all. That feels pretty good!
So that's all I have to say right now. Sorry for the lame posting, but I hoped some of  you might have wondered about me. I am narcissistic that way. Hang in there! I still am. I have not given up, nor am I losing any more diamonds. I am just having a hard time finding the ones I lost! But I will find them, eventually. I will. I will. I will...

(and I can't say walk-on, because I am not walking!)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Let's Go Diamond Hunting

It's come to my attention that some people do not know what the heck I am talking about, regarding Abby losing her diamonds. I worry that I have told the story so many times that folks will be bored, hearing about it again! Just in case though, here is the story again:

We have a state park in Arkansas that you can go to and hunt for real diamonds. There have been some huge ones found as well as lots of smaller ones. I like to use the analogy of going to that state park for a vacation. You go out every day and hunt for diamonds. Each little gem you find, you put into your bucket. You hope for those big diamonds too. On the last day of vacation you go out and don't find any diamonds at all. In anger, you toss the ones you had gotten before. You are so disgusted that you couldn't get that last big find on your last day of vacation. To heck with it all!!!

Now that is just silly, right? Wouldn't you keep all the diamonds you found?  Of course you would and you'd be happy you had found them and might make money from the sale of those small sparklers.

Yet how often do we start losing weight and when we hit a bump in the road, we say we should just quit. Nothing will work. Why keep trying? It doesn't matter. Oh forget it!  

We need to give ourselves credit for every pound lost, big or small, in a week or a month or a year. 
We need to give ourselves credit for every healthier choice we make. 
We need to give ourselves credit for every time we say "No, I won't quit." 
We need to give ourselves credit for every step we take to add any type of exercise into our lives. Often we forget those little earlier diamonds of success. We forget the diamonds we already found. We do not give ourselves credit for the small things.

This is why Abby has to find her diamonds. She's lost a few and is flailing around, losing a few more. She has to remember that she has LOST weight. She has to remember that she  hasn't smoked in over a year. She has to remember that she is still hanging in there and trying to find her diamonds again. 

I think she will find them. Heck, the sun has been out recently, so they are out there, sparkling away and waiting to be plucked up again.

Don't toss your little diamonds just because you didn't find the big one today. Hang on to the ones you have,  big and little. You are worth as much, and more, than diamonds.

I think Abby will find her diamonds that she misplaced. They are not lost, just misplaced. Why not come along and find some diamonds of your own!

Walk-on dear readers, walk on

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Good day to all. Abby has returned for a quick visit. She is still hurting over the loss of her dog, Ziva, but she is still here.
Abby has been struggling as much as I have. We both don't believe in ourselves these days. We're working on that.

We saw a trainer Wednesday. It was SO hard to do! I did NOT want to go and exercise that day. It did not help that the night before was St. Patrick's Day.
The trainer is an ok fella, but Abby and I are both fighting the commitment to get back into strength training. The trainer, I will call Mike, did alright with me. I still am not feeling the love of working with him, but he is ok. He is fighting against MY perfectionism issues. I don't like it when he says how HE got all this weight off all these clients. I am sure he doesn't realize that he comes across as not giving his clients any credit. I have scheduled two more sessions for next week.

Today I am SORE! If you don't know why I used the picture below, you don't know just how sore I am!

It is a start. It is all I can do right now. It is something though...and that counts!
Till next time, walk on...and find those diamonds you dropped!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

New Roads Ahead

http://www.cagle.com/news/social-security-shortage/page/2/I have a lot of homework to do. Next week I will make an appointment with the Social Security office to find out what my options are. I have a complicated life situation and don't know how much money to expect when I can actually start getting Social Security. It could make a huge difference in our outlook for the future. Since I am a chronic worrier, this might alleviate some of my concerns.

I have begun hunting for my RV. We want a Class C that we can travel in and live in for extended periods of time. Since we sold our last one, we've regretted it. Shopping for a new one has been hard. There are not many around and those that are, are in sad shape, even newer ones! We won't settle for just any old rig. Thank goodness we had a lot of experiences with living and traveling in our old RV though. We really know what we want. Maybe that is why this will take a long time.

I have begun hunting for the toad too. What is a toad? Well actually it is a slang term for a vehicle that get towed behind your RV. Since our 2001 minivan needs to be replaced anyway, why not look at a vehicle that can become our tow vehicle? Since our plans are to be debt free in five years or less, now is the time to buy these things that will take time to pay off.

Wednesday I meet with the trainer. I am dubious about it...not trusting that this will be a match, but I am at least going to meet him and do a courtesy workout before committing to a long term deal. In the mean time, I have kept up my Monday/Friday workouts after yoga. I hope I am doing some good there.

That is it for now. Hope you are all happy out there and that the weather is getting better for you!
Until next time, walk-on!