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I'm the 'Lazy Quilter' who doesn't always take the time to try to achieve perfection. I prefer to enjoy the process of creating instead of agonizing over being perfect. I am 'Walker Lady' who changed my lifestyle and lost over 70 pounds in the process! I wear the hats of a Quilter, Artist, Crafter, Musician, Life Coach, Wife, and Mom, all rolled up into one unique human bean!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Rainy Friday morning

It CAN be done. Why can't I?

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Got that out of my system

Ya, ok, I whined yesterday. Today I had a good talk with my trainer. I haven't given up. I don't have answers but I haven't given up. I need to remember I used to be here:
(about 400lbs)
 And then I was here for many years:
(about 285lbs)
And now I am here:
I am healthier than I ever was. I am maintaining, even though at a higher weight than I want to be (222) I am maintaining. I need to keep remembering how far I have come!

In other news...
I went on the trail for the first time with Dexter over the weekend. He loved it:
I remembered Ziva. I still miss her and it has been well over a year now since she passed. I took this photo of her on a rock on the trail one day:
 Here's Dex on that same rock:
 Thanks for listening to yesterday's whine. I hope to not repeat that any time too soon. Till next time, Walk-On!
The Trail - April 2016

Monday, April 25, 2016

Pass me that bottle of whine

Just pass it and don't give me any lip.
I am tired.
I am tired of ALL this effort I put in to dropping a few pounds and nothing happens! I feel like this consumes my life. I hate it. I don't want to be defined by my weight loss battles.

But if I don't teach the yoga class one day a week.....
if I don't workout two mornings a week, with the trainer.....
if I stopped leading the weight loss support group.....
if I stopped worrying about every bit of food or drink I put into my mouth....

What then?
What then....?

Sixteen years ago, when I was in my mid 40's, I adopted a lifestyle that dropped weight off like crazy. Basically I ate once a day, Monday thru Friday. The weekends were my off days. I could eat whatever.  I lost 70 pounds. When I got pregnant and the doctor told me I could not keep up with this eating style, I gained it all back.

Two weeks ago, I decided to try that again. It is called "Intermittent Fasting". Monday thru Friday I have coffee in the morning, with half and half. I don't eat again until after 5pm. From 5pm to 9-ish, I have a good supper and maybe a few snack items. I try to keep things on the healthier side and keep good snack items like fruits and nuts around. I will admit though, that I had frozen yogurt and even a piece of cake one night. When food journaling I would have those items anyway, so it wasn't a big deal to me.

After the first week, nothing changed. In fact, I went up a bit. The middle of the second week I dropped five pounds. Today I was right back up again. WTF???*^%$%@&#^*%^* I am so dang fed up with this.

I even upped my walking. I've been very consistently getting 5000 or more steps a day. It doesn't sound like much to YOU, but to ME this was an improvement.

And today I gained weight. Damn scale.

What would I be doing if I weren't doing what I am doing? My guess is that I would gain a lot of weight. I do miss some other parts of my life though. My house used to be cleaner. I used to be an avid sewer/quilter. I used to draw and paint. I used to garden more. Why am I not doing these things? Why do I feel the healthy living lifestyle is so all encompassing?  Why does the healthy living lifestyle seem to be sucking the life right out of me?

I don't know.

I shall try to figure this out. Until then, don't give up, cuz I am not. Walk-on with me, cuz I am still walking too.

Monday, April 11, 2016


Abby was bonked on the head by a 2 by 4 this week!!! 
She's heard such things in her head before and when the third person pointed out that she wasn't walking like she used to, I think she may have finally gotten that message.  Funny how that works sometimes. We just don't listen!!!

Dexter is always ready to go for a walk. He is a very busy puppy and walking will tire him out for a few seconds. There are no excuses to not incorporate walking into your schedule too.

Don't forget to drink enough water, every day!
Along with Abby and Dexter, I hope you will all, "Walk-On", too!

Friday, March 04, 2016

The future or the past?

My apologies for those who follow my blog...all two or three of you, but I just have not had much to share without repeating the same crap over and over again. Many other bloggers struggle with postings now and then. I feel I am in good company.

February has been a horrid month for me. I suffer from depression more often at this time of the year. It usually isn't acute enough to go to see the doctor. Way back when, years ago, when I realized what was happening I was amazed at how predictable this time of year could be! Anyway, knowing what is going on, does help get through this time of moodiness, but it still is a drag. 
I am doing pretty good this week. At least I feel like I am. I don't know what next week will bring. I read that if you are depressed, you are often living in the past. If you are anxious, you are often living in the future. If you are at peace, you are often living in the present. That future anxious thing is me in a nutshell! Oh how I go on with worry about the "what-ifs"!!!
Abby just hides behind her rose colored glasses. She pretends that everything is just hunky dory and that there is nothing wrong:
It would be better for her to face her fears than to ignore them until she drives herself and others around her, batty. Better isn't always the easy way to do things though. Abby and I will be fine. We ARE fine. Life goes on and so do we.

I read a great article the other day. It is from Coach Calorie. www.coachcalorie.com

I copied it here as it really is a very good read!

By: Tony Schober - Coach Calorie
Like most of you I've been through my cycles of weight loss and weight gain. Something would spark my motivation and I would be hyper focused for weeks at a time.
And then the drive would start to taper. That taper would lead to a few missed workouts or some off plan eating.
This would continue until losing weight was no longer my #1 priority any more. It looked something like this:
  • Yeah, let's do this!
  • It's working!
  • This isn't so bad.
  • I'm gonna look awesome come summer time.
  • I'm hungry, but I'm doing great, so I can afford to eat that.
  • I'm feeling too lazy to work out today. Missing one workout won't matter.
  • Man, I haven't worked out in a week. I need to work out tomorrow.
  • OK, it's been another week without a workout now.
  • Ugh, my weight is starting to go back up from all that garbage I've been eating.
  • I did all that work for nothing.
  • Eh, what's the point. I should just be happy with who I am. It's wintertime anyways.
  • I. Hate. My. Body.
Rinse and repeat - over and over and over again.
I see people going through those same cycles as I did. The thoughts might be slightly different, and the motivation to lose weight might come from a different place, but almost everyone goes through the following cycle:
Our ultimate goal is to take that initial motivation and extend it all the way until we reach our goal, which is forever, as there is no real destination - only a way of life. Our goal is to make motivation into a habit itself.

The Most Effective Weight Loss Motivation: I'm not going to throw out a bunch of gimmicky motivational tools in the hopes one of them sticks. Yes, pictures of fit people, pictures of overweight people, music, workout partners, swimsuit season, and fear of embarrassment are all potential motivation sparks. But they are short term sparks. They won't last forever.
Here's how you create forever-lasting motivation for weight loss...
You make every aspect of your weight loss program enjoyable. You love what you eat. You love how much you eat. You love your exercise. You love moving your body. You love the way it makes you feel. You love the way it makes others feel.
And this next part is what's most important - you don't care about what anyone else thinks about what you're doing. That means if you were the only other person in this world you would still do all the same things. You would still eat all the same things. You would still do all the same workouts.
The people who are always in shape LIVE for fitness. They are passionate about it. It is their life. It's what makes them happy and brings them pleasure - not the end result, but the simple act of doing.
They love the journey - not the destination. And when they think that way they receive the instant gratification that is necessary to always feel motivated.
You can have what you want today - right now in this very instant if you change the way you think about your weight loss.
There is no destination. The destination is forever, and the sooner you see that the sooner you can enjoy the NOW and find the energy and motivation to change.
Latch on to what makes you happy right now and go with it. Get excited about it. Look forward to it.
That new cycle will push you forward forever.
Have a healthy day!
Tony Schober
Founder - Coach Calorie
"Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right."
* * * * *
Isn't that a great article? I know it sure spoke to me. "There is NO destination-only a way of life!" Once we get to the weight we want, then what? Weight loss is a destination. We need to form a better way of life that incorporates the weight we lose. It IS a lifestyle, not an end.
I will leave you with all this reading, to contemplate on your own. Until next time, walk-on!