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Friday, November 14, 2014

Same Thing, Different Time

This will be a quick post as I either do a little one or do none at all! I have also shamed myself into posting since some bloggers, that I respect a lot, are also having troubles being consistent or feeling the content is inadequate. You know what? It really should be ok. I mean for the other bloggers. Not so much for me. I have a few followers and I DO feel I owe them a posting more often than what I've done. But I do feel repetitive and like I owe more magic pills of wisdom to help others lose weight too.
Then I feel like a hypocrite because I gained some weight back. Why can't I give myself credit for having lost SEVENTY pounds and having kept it off for over two years? Not only have I lost the weight, AND in spite of having gained some back, overall, I am down TEN FREAKIN' INCHES off my waist! That counts for something, yes it does.
Tonight I am trying to give myself credit for what I HAVE done.  If I really want to re-lose those 25 pounds, I know I have to exercise a little more. I am not sure if I will. I am going to keep on walking and keep on with yoga. I might add more strength training. I am not sure how I am going to go about that though. If money was no object, I would hire a trainer. I work well with a trainer. I don't have to think. I just have to DO. It might make a good Christmas gift this year. I will ponder that thought.

In other quick news, the trail is still closed. Oh I do still go out and climb over under and through but if it's been wet I don't like to do that. Maybe I will hike out there with a saw and trim off a few branches so I can go around the trees a bit easier.

Speaking of walking, Spark People sent me this notice a few weeks ago:
According to their records, I have walked a distance of 1,800 miles since joining them. That is about 600 miles per year! Neat!

That's the latest my friends. I hope you are all doing the best you can do, and trying the best you can try, for today. Then go back at it again, tomorrow.



Susan Calderon said...

I think your right about giving yourself credit for what you did do! Even though you had a regain of some of the weight you have kept most of the weight off that is a success in my book! I only lost 40 pounds but I have kept those pounds GONE but it isn't easy no it isn't! Keep walking, keep on doing what you do, and tweak they the way you eat that is the key to long term not regaining all the weight. I have been at this 15 years now, 17 since I started working out so I know some stuff:) Thanks for the update I was wondering about you.

Crabby McSlacker said...

Well, as you probably know I can totally relate to the blogging thing!

And yeah, I think you should totally keep a minor gain in perspective relative to the amazing work you've done losing all that weight and hanging in there with maintenance. So few people can do that! And I'm guessing part of what contributes to people going back to old habits is the inability to keep the ups and downs in perspective and some all or nothing thinking. So I think you'll do great with your patient and realistic approach and your determination to be healthy and active for a lifetime, not just for the short term.