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Friday, October 17, 2014

What has Abby been up to?

Abby has been busy. Late in September you could find her busy in her sewing room, repairing and making new costume pieces!

She likes going to renaissance faires! Do you know what they are? Imagine you have gone back in time to when Queen Elizabeth the 1st was queen. The time would be around the 1600's through the 1700's. (give or take a hundred or so years)

Abby, her husband, and her young son all dress in costumes that could have been found way back then. They all play music! Abby plays a penny whistle, which is similar to a flute. Her son and husband both play many different instruments with strings. When they play music, Abby sets her basket down in front, just in case someone wants to tip them. They have a lot of fun!

Abby has also been struggling, as you all know by now. She can't figure out why her weight is not moving in a more favorable direction.

She's been trying to walk more.
She's been keeping a food journal, although she really hates that!
But her weight would still keep going up and down and up and down, over and over. Since May, she's been around 217-220 pounds. Why?
She is so tired of her muffin top.
Her belly seems to be hanging out even more these days. Why?
Poor Abby. So how has she been approaching all this? She tried going out on her favorite trail but found it was all grown over and hard to walk through.

So she started walking in town more. The weather was nice and that helped. She also looked LONG and HARD at WHY her body and weight was doing what it was doing. She did research and read up on things.
One day, she looked at her belly again:
Ugh. Talk about your spare tire! Why? Her food journal showed she was eating the right amount of calories. What could the problem be?
Then she asked google the question: "Beer, wine, alcohol, bellies". She had heard of beer bellies. Could wine cause the same thing? She always accounted for the calories in the wine she drank. Surely that couldn't be the issue! But no, there it was. . . article after article explained why drinking wine, or beer, or spirits could cause the belly fat issue. Damn!

What she found out was that the body's metabolism will work on metabolizing alcohol first. If you eat  at the same time, or after drinking, or snack during or after drinking, those food calories will go straight to storage. . . in the form of fat! That is the simplified version of the process.

So Abby has decided to cut way back on her wine intake. She took her belly measurements on the 14th and will take them for the next two months to see if just decreasing her wine, will make a difference.

While she's doing that, she still plans to go for walks. She adores this time of year! Stay tuned to see how Abby's experiment works out! And walk-on dear readers!

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Susan Calderon said...

I hear you on being in calorie compliance but still having an expanding waist line. I had to quit drinking altogether to lose my original 40lbs. Now I have to be really careful of my carbs being gluten free and post menopausal. Like you I keep a food journal and get out and walk plus I lift weights twice a week lately seems to be working too. Preforming at those fairs sounds like such fun life was definitely simpler then but they didn't have electricity I guess you don't miss what you've never had. Have a great weekend.