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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Low down at the gym, and super easy cake recipe!

I am still going to the gym twice a week. I feel I am not fully back on track yet, but I am not giving up. I was able to talk to the manager of the gym and told him of all my experiences. Even after telling him I was almost 59 years old, he did not rush me or make me feel like I was being a pain in the puddin'. (as my friend Robert would say) I have found other people are not as respectful towards their elders. This guy was. Good for him!

He listened to me and cleared up a lot of misunderstandings. That was the good thing. The bad thing is that most of my experiences were actually pretty close to how this gym is run. While I am not thrilled about it, I will deal with it and not use this as an excuse to give up. He did say they are adding classes and he thanked me for valuable feedback. He thought those that were doing the assessments were doing a better job than they were. He liked some of my suggestions and said he would like to see those implemented.

The one thing I think they should have is an intro to their machines. Just show folks how to adjust the weights and seats. Most machines are similar, so just showing that on a few of them would help beginners get off to a good start.

I don't expect a full workout when joining, but I still was disappointed in not being shown how their machines worked. Anyway, I feel placated and will continue on. Better news is that my old trainer finally got back in touch with me and he is a member of the same gym! His wife has been ill and that is why he hadn't been in touch. I am hopeful that I will be able to work out with him again soon. I would feel better with a little more guidance.

In other news, I am a member of Sparkpeople.com. I like their web site for tracking foods or exercises or weight. I have been a member for a little over two years. It is free, so the price is right. I got an email from them saying I had earned an award because I had walked 700 miles! It was true though, over the past two years I really had walked that many miles!!! Yeah me!

I am still not back where I'd like to be. I have been struggling. I have not given in, but there have been ups and downs. What am I doing about it, you ask? Ok, maybe you didn't ask, but I am going to tell you anyway. First off, I made myself go to the gym and workout. It wasn't pretty. It wasn't professional. It wasn't perfect. It was exercising on purpose though!

Today I also went back to the zero fat Fage. Not because I am concerned about fat, but more-so because I eat at least two containers per day and by going to the zero fat one, I save 100 calories per day. Every little bit helps. I preach it. I teach it. I need to also believe it.

Speaking of food, I found this fantastic recipe for cake today:  
  1. Buy one cake from a bakery or grocery store. Make sure it is one you really like.
  2. Scrape off all the frosting and set that aside for later.
  3. Cut the cake in large cubes and place in food processor or blender with a pulse feature.
  4. Pulse the cake several times until it is all crumbly.
  5. Pour cake crumbs out on a cake plate.
  6. With your hands, form crumbs into the shape of a cake.
  7. Get the frosting you set aside and re-frost the cake. You can microwave it for a few seconds to make it easier to use.
  8. Serve to family and tell them you made it with your own two hands!

Doesn't that sound great? You don't even have to warm up the kitchen with a hot oven!

Lastly today, I have a more serious topic. I broke down and bought myself a fitbit. It is a gaget for tracking activity, including sleep, and a whole lot more stuff.
I will report on what I think of it once I have started using it. They normally cost about $100 but I am a savvy shopper and ended up paying $10 for mine. How's that for a bargain!!!

Till next time, Walk-On and be happy. Life is too short to not live happy.


builditbob said...

WOW, 700 miles!!!!

I guess you are 70% along on your JOURNEY OF 1,000 MILES.

It really has been journey hasn't it?

Your blog has allowed us to tag along and share the journey, and we are greatly enriched and inspired by your honesty, frankness, and sharing.

It's been uplifting to see you challenge, strive, doubt, stumble, fall, regroup, get up, adjust, challenge again with new insight, and advance toward a healthier you, a new you.

It is very clear that as you evolve and the layers peel away, the real you, the genuine you is revealed.

OK, maybe a little too new age-ee there, but your blog and you really are FAN-TAS-TIC!

And oh yeah, luv the "no bake cake"

With much appreciation


BlondPolkaDots said...

Well done on your fat loss however in a lot of posts you seem to refer to yourself as old. I don't think 57 is old in this day and age and if you keep thinking your old you will become what you think......you certainly don't look old so stop with the age thing. You look great!!!

Sherri D said...

Thanks BlondPolkaDots! I am almost 59 now and though I don't feel old I often post my age or say I am older because I want to reach out to folks who think they can't change things later in life.

I never thought of it as a negative! Thanks for the compliments. :)