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Saturday, September 01, 2012

Ven Venting

Besides being a quilter I am also somewhat of an artist. I've always wanted to be one, when I grew up. Because of my artistic leanings, I am drawn (pun intended) to artistic shows. One such show is Project Runway. I think it is season 10 right now and we are about a third of the way into the shows. Each week these fashion designers are given a theme and they need to come up with a design and an outfit for models to wear.

In the past they have had to make something that a business woman could wear from office to dinner date. They've been able to design for stars who would be attending a red carpet event. They were sent to a hardware store once, to find items to make into clothing. (Most of the time they go to a place called Mood, that is a huge fabric store) You should see what you can make from black plastic garbage bags! I love seeing how their creative minds work.

Last week they were designing outfits for normal women whose friends wanted to give them a makeover. This is always challenging for designers to do because they are used to working with models that wear like a size zero. When you start getting over a size ten you are way up into the plus sizes in the fashion industry. (can you see my eyes rolling here?)

I forgot to mention that this show starts with about 15-20 designers and each week they eliminate one. Of course we get to know more and more about the different designers as each show comes on. And beings this is a 'reality' TV show, there is always some drama.

So, last week this one designer contestant gets a woman of size assigned to him. She was a whopping size 10 if you listened to her and size 14 or more if you listened to the designer that had her as his client. This designer's name was Ven. I think he is in his 30's and he really is a very talented designer. I don't like him as much any more.

All through the show he is complaining about how huge his client was and how he never designed for 'a woman of size' before. He says to his client that he will try to find a belt in a larger size as the ones he's been given are all too small. He says remarks that plainly are hurting the woman. He seems blissfully unaware at how he's coming across.

I am not the only one who wanted to throttle the man! However, on a list group I am on, of fellow artistic types, a person came on and asked why didn't the woman stand up for herself? Why did she take all that abuse and cutting comments without saying anything? She is seen crying in some clips, so he really did hurt her feelings.

This happens to so many women of size. We take abuse because many of us have such low self esteem that we feel we are not worthy to stand up for ourselves. When the obvious is pointed out to us, it hurts but we are agreeing inside that we really are awful people for being so huge.

I had planned to go on and on about this but after trying to write this post since Wednesday, I am giving up. Just know that I am angry with that designer and wish for him to lose the contest. I am angry at people who judge others for their size or looks or bank accounts. I am angry at myself for being judgemental and for having felt that I am not worth 'it' either. Gads!!! Self worth is so hard to feel sometimes!

and that is all i have to say for today.....blah


Sandy H said...

I totally agree. He'd actually been my favorite until that episode and then his attitude just completely floored me. He was so clueless! Like you, now I'll be happy to see him go, even though he's a very talented person. I enjoyed watching the judges nail him for his attitude, though...

Sherri D said...

They didn't nail him enough, but that is just me...the crabby old fat (but used to be fatter) PLUS size lady. :)