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Friday, September 07, 2012

All Wrapped Up

Years ago I remember my folks getting such a kick out of a joke where a woman met her husband and his boss at the door, wrapped in plastic wrap. (She didn't know the husband was bringing the boss home) Dad really thought this was hilarious. Mom just thought it was amusing....she had often complained when Dad brought home unexpected company for dinner.

I've been thinking I should wrap my body in plastic wrap. No, I would not meet my husband at the door like this, although I could ...... never mind! Anyway, when you wear a ring for a long time, that area of your finger gets slimmer. Why not wrap the saggy parts of my body in plastic wrap to shrink that?

If you do an online search about body wrapping in plastic wrap, you will be amazed at how many folks have tried this! I also found out that you can really mess up your skin. Some folks don't know they are allergic to certain plastics and blister up as if burned. Some leave it on too long and just have all kinds of yucky things happen to their skin. I think I will pass on this method to make my skin look less like a bloodhound and more like a human!

Yesterday I was in the thrift shop and decided to treat myself to a new piece of clothing. I am getting pickier about what I buy and what I keep in my closet! I found three pairs of jeans to try on. I didn't want the cheapo looking ones and went for those that had interesting details like studs or braiding on the pockets. All three were size 18's. One after another, I tried each one on. This is no easy feat when balancing on one foot trying to get my legs into jeans without crashing into the changing room mirror! One after another I tried each on and time after time I had to admit that none of them fit. They were too large! Really? I went back and found two more pairs of size 16 jeans. I tried them on. They fit! I was fully prepared for them to not fit as they are higher-end jeans. But they fit like a comfortable pair of leather gloves...snug but not tight, no sagging, no baggy butt, not too tapered in the legs...perfect for how I like wearing jeans! I used to wear size 28 jeans. Size 18 was really small to me. Size 16 seems really weird...but in a good way!

As I went through the checkout I was talking with my favorite checker girl about my fabulous finds for the day. I mentioned how happy I was to find out I was a size 16. She looked at me and said, "I wouldn't think you WERE a size 18!" Sweet girl. I should have given her a tip.

Just a few more notes before I head out to face the day...Cynthia commented on "The Thinker" posting, saying she had food obsessions. She thought that was a strong word, and I agree. However, I also agree that we get obsessed by certain foods! One way I have handled it is to find a substitute that would satisfy. If I craved cheesecake I put a little sugar-free/fat-free Jello Cheesecake pudding mix into my fat-free plain Greek yogurt. Sometimes I get fancy and put some lemon zest on that. It is very good. If I crave brownies, I find a recipe that I can cut the calories down by using yogurt or applesauce. I then calculate and allow for the calories for a serving of said brownie and I give the rest away to neighbors, the child, or sometimes freeze a few separate servings. Take the power away from the cravings and find a way to satisfy without insanity. It can be done!

Cynthia and I both agree, it just doesn't seem fair that those of us who tend to be fluffy MUST think about food and food choices a lot. I cannot say if this will ever become second nature or if we will always have to live like this. I am trying to make it more a lifestyle that I live so I do it without thinking. I have the snacks available for when I am just Jones-ing for something crunchy or salty. These are snacks that are 'ok' by my choice, to have and to not worry too much about consuming.

Finally Cynthia talked about loose skin too. She's lost almost 150 pounds, but still won't go out in shorts because she says she looks like a deflated elephant! I really know what she is saying. Plastic surgery is just not an option. I hope when I go in for my annual checkup next week, that my doctor can give me some hope for a lot of these wrinkles eventually becoming a little less like bloodhound skin. In the meantime, I am also looking into ramping up some weight training into my schedule. I haven't done much in that department and need to check it out.

Well, that's it for today I guess. I have a busy weekend ahead and a busier week next week! It is all good though. For now, take care of yourself, and walk on......

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Cynthia said...

Congrats on reaching a new, smaller size! It's a great feeling. And thanks for the tips about dealing with cravings. I've also used the "give away" method. Also, sometimes I'll eat a piece of something and put the rest in the freezer. Somehow, having it the freezer makes it seem unavailable to my craving mind. Then when the kids come home from college, they eat it.