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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Get yer behinder OUT there!

I can hardly write about much of anything because I have been in hibernation! Too bad it wasn't a typical hibernation in the middle of winter though. No, this is caused by relentless 100° plus weather! Yuck. The heat isn't the only thing rising, so is my weight. I can only think that I need to get back to more regular exercising. I am not really worried about the weight gain. I know I will lose it again and we are still only talking a pound up or down, here or there. I do plan...no, I WILL be working to be sure I don't slack off anymore. I might be walking at the local mall in their AC, but I will do something a little more 'on purpose'.

In other news I just finished reading this book:
It was a hard read for me. It wasn't that the material was hard, but her writing style doesn't agree with my reading style. It is a story of a 30-ish woman who loses a lot of weight. It includes her ups and downs as it goes on. It sounded like she might have been on the 12 Step program "Over Eaters Anonymous". One thing that struck me with her story was her renditions about becoming a girlie girl. I too, never thought about what I was wearing before. It had to be lose to hide all the bulges.

The story also touched on how her attitudes towards dating and men and even other women had to change. The way she looked at herself and the way she thought others looked at her, were based on how she used to be when she weighed over 200 pounds. Now that she'd lost the weight she had to change the way she interacted with others.

I know this has happened to me at times. One of the most noticeable has been men opening the door for me. Sometimes they seem to go out of their way to do so. I am not used to being treated with respect. I love it! I also feel sad that I was getting treated worse than I even knew. Is ignorance bliss? I wonder.

The more books I read, the more and more clear all this diet stuff becomes. Time and time again I am proving to myself that it isn't how many carbs or fat grams are in your food so much. The types of foods you get your calories from make a difference though. Think of it this way...would you be more full after eating a 250 calorie candy bar (which isn't much) or a huge plate of salad with chopped chicken and a healthy low cal dressing? The satiety factor is what makes one type of calorie source better than another.

All this recent sugar talk has me thinking it is just the latest craze to make a buck, to get a grant for research, or some such. Just like fat in the 70's being the devil in the food, now sugar is. When fat was declared Food War I, the manufacturers jumped on the bandwagon and made a bunch of food like food that was low fat or no fat. Now it will be sugar. You wait and see!

I went to Yoga today and then came home and grabbed the child and we went shopping for three hours. Tomorrow I have more indoor fun plans and if they don't workout, we will go to the pool. Friday my staples come out and my kid and I will hunt for rummage and estate sales for exercise. On Saturday I think I will work out at the center in some way. I am not going to give up my diamonds!

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