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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Well THAT was interesting...

What a day! It started out just fine. I made it to the library in time to drop off the child and for me to get to my Weight Loss Support Group class at ten. We had a nice class AND I dropped over two pounds from last Saturday. I am claiming that today just because I deserve a mood boost...and it looks good on my tracker at the top of the blog.

After class I picked up the child at the library and we were off to the printers to get my quilt guild's newsletter printed. While that was printing, we stepped over to Goodwill to see what treasures the child might find in the electronics department. None were found but I promised him a trip to Savers tomorrow to see if there is anything there. (He likes taking things apart and fixing them)

In the same shopping complex is my grocery store. We walked across the hot parking lot (temps in the 100's again) instead of moving the van here to there. After the printers we walked to get the groceries for the week. We did a lot of walking on the pavement and in the stores.

Then we loaded up the groceries and rushed home to have a quick lunch while putting up the perishables and to get to the swimming pool for a half hour of exercise before coming home to do umpteen many things and to make supper. Ah the best laid plans of mice and men! We rushed to the pool. We got out of the van. Son opened the hatchback of the van to get pool toys. Mom gets towels and beach bag and shuts front van door. Mom heads to back of van to get pool noodle for exercising. Son shuts van hatchback door..............on Mom's head! OUCH!

Dang that hurt!!! I figured the pain would subside in a few moments and we could get on with our pool time .... until I felt something cool and wet. I was bleeding! Poor kid was weirded out! I put the beach towel on my head to sop up the blood and headed to the lifeguards to ask if they had a First Aide kit. They did and helped me get cleaned up just a bit. They were young girls and although they did very good with this old lady and her bleeding head, I could tell they were nervous about it all. They said yes, there was a gash and I probably should have it looked at.

Sigh.....no swimming for us today! When all was said and done, I got three staples in my head and a tetanus shot. I should be just fine, but might have a headache. And you might ask why I am sharing all this with you? Well, it is because while getting stitched up I had my blood pressure taken. It has been a while since I've had it checked. I have been running in the high 130's to 140's over 80's for years and years. Today it was 124/77. I cannot recall seeing those numbers...ever! I am even more excited to go to my yearly checkup in September to see how my other numbers are doing!

Ok, I also was happy to have been down a few pounds again. What a day! I hope yours was better...although you can't beat those BP numbers! :D

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