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Sunday, August 05, 2012

Rock On or Walk On?

Oh it was hard to admit that weight gain of half a pound yesterday. But the more honest I am with you the more honest I am with me! It is totally due to lack of exercising which is very much related to excess heat here in Arkansas. There is light on the horizon. Next week shows some temps down in the nineties for daytime and maybe even in the upper sixties in the early mornings. Also, it is August, which means cooler temps will be here in a few weeks. At least that is what I am telling myself!!!

I've been busy reading and listening to podcasts about a lot of new diets coming out and of course the 'sugar is the devil' stuff. Once I wrap my head around each new thing though, it comes back again and again that just eating sensibly, eating as close to real foods as you can, minding portion sizes, and avoiding too many sweets or fast food joints, is really what it is all about.

When you read or listen to these folks, their information sounds so real! They sound like they have found the true answers to losing weight and keeping it off. They have research to prove their points. When you get to the main points they are touting you come to realize it is a low-carb diet, revisited. Or it is a high protein diet, re-purposed. Or it is a variation of Atkins, South Beach, and others. Since we all want to be told that if we eat exactly one way our poundage will melt right off...forever...we buy into these newest-latest-greatest diet plans, try them, and eventually, usually, we fall off the diet and feel like failures again.

If I were to eat differently, I might try being a vegetarian or vegan. I doubt I would miss meat that much. I would miss my yogurt though, so vegan might not be for me. As long as I live with my husband, I will probably not be a vegetarian either. (just musing out loud here)

Today I am off to the shoe store. In anticipation of cooler weather, Momma needs a new pair of shoes! I've been looking and oh my, the choices I have out there! AND you should see the wild colors they come in! No more just plain white or black for me. No more cheap ill-fitting shoes for me either!

Keep cool out there!
Until next time, rock on walk on.......

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