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Monday, June 18, 2012

The Three R's

Now I am not talking about readin', writin', and arithmetic, here. (I wonder why the three R's only have one word that starts with the letter R?)

I am also not talking like a pirate today. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

What I AM talking about is:
  • Revelation
  • Rebellion/Revolution
  • Resolution
(YES, I know there are technically FOUR words there but I couldn't make up my mind which three I wanted to use for sure...deal with it!)
At the beginning of Yoga class today, those words came to mind. I have been through all of them to get where I am today.

REVELATION: It was quite a revelation that I COULD lose weight, and over 100 pounds at that! I never believed I could do it without some drastic gimmick doing all the work for me, and a magic wand being waved, and a voodoo doctor doing the Witch Doctor dance on my head! It was quite a revelation that eating sensibly and exercising modestly could make such a huge change in my life, my body, and my mind!

REBELLION: I keep dealing with that little gremlin and that little child inside me, throwing temper tantrums now and again. If my spouse or child has ice cream for dessert or they get donuts on Sunday morning, I sometimes do feel cheated...or feel like cheating! I used to use those feelings as excuses to give up. At those times however, I was on a calorie restrictive diet program. As I have said, programs don't work for the long haul. You HAVE to change your lifestyle!
I have also felt rebellious as my weight has stopped changing. It has been ten weeks now, that I have gained and lost and gained and lost and gained and lost and gained the same four pounds. It has been depressing at times. I have been tempted to pick up the cigarettes at times. (I haven't) I have looked over my way of eating and exercising again and again and again! I am doing everything the right way for me. I do not know why my metabolism recalibration hasn't re-calibrated yet, or if it will recalibrate!

RESOLUTION: In talking over things with my spouse, I realize I am not willing to change anything in my exercise program or eat in any way more drastic than I am. I AM willing to eat like I have been and to exercise as I have been. I am becoming resolved that this might be where I will be for now and maybe for years. And I am becoming more resolved that, this would be ok, if it is to be. I have lost over 100 pounds. As long as I stay here in the 180's, I can be very happy with this. So, I am resolved to learn to enjoy life as I have been, exercise and enjoy that, as I have been, and to eat healthy, as I have been. Life is good. Life is a LOT better than it was just a few short months ago...18, if you want to be more exact.

So...let's see what happens next, ok? Oh, and it is too hot to walk...I will be at the local pool every day this week! Come splash with me? :)

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