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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sort of a Ranting and Raving Moment or Three

I was listening to a podcast/video today that is based on bariatric surgeries...like stomach stapling and other related weight loss surgeries. These podcasts are sponsored by a line of protein powders, vitamins, and supplements for those who've had these surgeries. I was aghast at first. This stuff is expensive! I was then mildly angry. You want to know more about a surgery and they are touting their supplements? Now I am just disgusted. Commercialism...bah, humbug!
I have had bariatric surgery.
It was 30 years ago. I guess I was one of the lucky ones in that I have had no major issues as I've lived my life with it. I never had to take special protein supplements. I have not had to take B-12 injections on a regular basis...I did while pregnant, but I probably didn't have to. The only metabolic thing I know of is that I do run a bit on the anemic side and that might be due to my altered innards. I sometimes, though rarely now, have had a few episodes of what they call dumping or foods getting stuck and causing me to throw-up. I would say this happens just a few times a year. (kinda gross, I know, but it is a fact of life for me) Anyway, it just irks the hell out of me that bariatric surgery recipients have all this commercialism invading their lives. It is a major surgery and though it probably saves lives, it is life altering and no picnic. I would not recommend it nor would I have it again if I knew then, what I know now. I feel like they/we are being exploited. Exploited...this crazy weight issue is all about exploitation. And I do not like it, not one little bit.

All of us who are struggling with weight issues are in danger of being exploited. Like the food manufacturers who make fake foods that are irresistible, all the programs, and pills, and books, and fads are all in it for the money and seem to all be out there to exploit the "Fluffy" and take their money. It is big business and we all buy into it...even me!

Currently I'm also listening to a series that is debunking the Paleo diet that is all the rage these days.
So far, the vegetarian who is speaking, is saying the Paleo diet isn't anything more than a low carb diet fad. I tend to agree. Most new-latest-greatest-end all-be all-popular diets of the month are fads. That's my opinion anyway. Oh they talk a good talk! And it is true, they often do work for a while. Many of them fail eventually. Many of them may not fail.... but the sacrifices made by those who have stayed on them, seem to be awful painful to me. I like just living a normal life. It is getting more and more normal too!

And another thing; lately there is a huge amount of sugar talk out there. This isn't like sweet pillow talk you do with your partner, but is the talk of the evils of sugar. Granted, we don't need sugar to survive, but it does taste pretty good, doesn't it? And just like the Paleo diet, those that are trash talking sugar have very good arguments.
Don't get me wrong here...I do believe we all probably consume too much sugar. One of the predominant theories regarding sugar is that back in the 1970's Congress addressed the growing middle of the average American and would choose between fat or sugar as the major cause of rising obesity. Fat was chosen because the sugar growers had more activists and lobbyists on their side.
Fat became the enemy. But as fat was cut, Americans continued to grow fatter. The sugar theorists say it is because sugar was the real culprit all along. They point to the rising use of sugar in foods coinciding with the rising blubber on the population. They have pictures and graphs and all kinds of reasons why they are right and the fat busters are wrong.
It has gotten so bad that the mayor of New York wants to pass a law that will fine any place that sells a glass of soda larger than 16 ounces. The fine suggested is $200. At the same time New York is thinking about another new law that would fine you for possessing an ounce of weed. That fine would be $100...just sayin'. (The photo isn't the mayor but is Jon Stewart with a glass of soda and a glass of about an ounce of weed)
I have watched article after article come out about the evil sugar. I have seen several different TV shows and specials on the same topic. Books that were written in the past about getting sugar out of your diet are coming around again in popularity.
I won't be surprised if we don't see a huge shift in food manufacturers touting low sugar, no sugar, no high fructose corn syrup foods. My guess is the 'natural' sweeteners like Stevia and the artificial sweeteners will fill the need for sweetness in our manufactured, fake foods. Or perhaps a new chemical alternative will be found as the next best thing to sugar.

This all sounds good, right? Of course it does! Let me back up a second...back to the Paleo diet. Even before I figured out that it was basically a low-carb type diet, I had issues with it. They say that our ancestors didn't eat seeds and beans and ate a lot of meat. I didn't buy into that at all. How could they have not eaten seeds? Or beans? Back to sugar...what else happened since the 1970's?

Come on, you know the answer to this...it is the tellie! You know...TV, TV and video games. TV, video games, and computers. TV, video games, computers, drive-thru liquor stores. (Ok, drive-thru fast food joints...but I have always thought that a drive-through liquor store was kind of a weird thing and somewhat hypocritical-drinking and driving is bad but a drive-thru liquor store isn't?) All these and more keep us sitting in our vehicles when we are out and sitting in our homes when we are home. Even our children do not get sent out to 'go play till suppertime' anymore. Many wouldn't know what to do with themselves away from their technologies of choice.

So who's to say if fat is bad or not so bad? Or if sugar is the main culprit in our growing obesity issue? Or is it just we've grown lazy? I actually feel justified in saying it comes back around to the adage to live like the thin person you want to be! And as Michael Pollan says, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” That is pretty good advice.

Now, since it is still hot AND it is officially summer....
go for a swim!

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Cynthia said...

Amen Sherri! My favorite foods are sweets and cheese, so I have both of the badies covered. Since they are my favorites, I knew I couldn't cut these out entirely forever, so I eat them in moderation and never substitute fake versions. Last Sunday the kids and I made my husband some amazing chocolate, salted caramel cupcakes for Father's Day. They were decadent at 389 calories each. I ate one, but only one. I savored it and made that sucker last for 10 minutes! Then I was done and I didn't eat any more of them (a major victory for me). I also still eat cheese, but weigh out 1 ounce at a time. In other words, I've spent the last couple of years trying to teach myself to be satisfied with small quantities of good quality things I love. I'm fighting 40+ years of overeating habits, but I'm replacing those bad messages with good ones one day at a time and I think it's working.