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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So Did She, or Didn't She???

THAT is the question...isn't it? I will answer it, later.
We got home late Sunday night and I am still exhausted! I suppose doing several gazillion loads of laundry, putting everything away, making meals, returning phone calls, getting mugged by the animals that missed us...all that and more, might have something to do with it!

We played our hearts out while the cold winds blew and blew and BLEW!!! I think that may have played a part in my exhaustion. I had a lot of random thoughts cross my mind over the weekend. I had a lot of challenges too. Let me bore you with some of this!

I found myself challenged to find something to eat while actually at the event. Although the kitchen provided food for the performers, it was a challenge for me to eat like I am used to, even with my self-permission to indulge! The food provided was good and hearty, but it was also very starchy. I had a bun with beans in it because they had run out of meat. I took a few lettuce leaves and put a dollop of mustard on them to eat too. I also had some corn. I passed on the stuffing, mac n' cheese, cookies, and coleslaw. I spied one loan apple and grabbed that. This was a very strange meal! I was starving by that night when the guys wanted to stop at Wendy's for their promised burgers.

By Sunday I was really craving vegetables, I felt like a Vegan in a butcher shop! On Sunday they had a turkey and elbow macaroni hot-dish. It was just to 'heavy' to eat. I picked out the meat, grabbed an overripe orange and headed for the food vendor on the fairgrounds. I thought I had seen chicken on their menu earlier. They did have chicken wings but they were fried and had some breading on them. What do to? I then saw chili on their menu! I had that without the cheese and crackers. It was so good! Success!!!

So, did I end up ordering that burger at Wendy's on Saturday night? Well, I ended up ordering a garden salad without dressing and I dumped the croutons in the trash. Several times my sweet husband offered me one of his burgers or even half of one. I passed on that offer. It just did not look good to me. I was still hungry though! I walked a couple blocks to a little hole in the wall Mexican joint and got the most delicious chicken quesadilla! I passed on the sour cream though. I've never had a quesadilla that wasn't from Taco Bell or from the freezer department in the grocery store! This one might have been made from scratch. Man that has now spoiled me forever! The chicken chunks actually looked like real chicken meat!

Still no fast food burgers for me! I have gotten real picky with the quality of food is that goes in this old girl's gullet!

Other notes from the weekend include a lady who talked to me at length about how to lose weight. I also saw a very huge person with one of those wheelchairs that are as wide as a small sofa. I felt so sorry for him or her. (I couldn't tell because the person was in the distance)

Monday I dragged myself to Yoga. Oh that felt soooooo good! Today I walked the trail. It is good to be home. It is good to get the validation that I can indulge some, and still not gain weight because of one weekend out of the ordinary. It is good to be back to my more normal routine. It is GREAT to be ME!

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