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Thursday, April 26, 2012

About Town

I have nothing. Well, that isn't exactly true. I have ME! I am working on figuring out how to use the new stuff on my laptop and part of this involves getting photos from my phone to the laptop, edit them, and put them on this blog. So guess what? I have a few random photos to share!
The first photo was shot at the local car wash. (I blurred out the lady's face and license plate.) Before the back window of her vehicle was put up, I read an advertisement on the back about a business that I assume was hers or someone she knows. In big bold lettering, it said "Body by Vi" I was amused at the irony of the advertising and the driver. I wonder just how successful this business is? (Please forgive me, my smirk) I did some searching on the Internet when I got home and found out this is a type of healthy shake (according to their website) that will miraculously give you a fit and healthy body. I think I will stick to my more normal foods.

This next picture is from about a month ago, on the trail. A large dead tree had fallen across the trail. It has since been broken up by someone who obviously uses the trail for driving on. This part of the trail is the more remote part. It is the quietest too. I found raspberry bushes along the sides of the trail last time I was out. I doubt I will be able to actually enjoy the berries though. I am sure the wildlife will beat me to them! I plan to try to find some anyway! Yum!!!

I took this shot this morning. Even with a distorted shadow, I can see some curves. It is neat how my curves go in, instead of out now! I bought groceries today. Mangos are back in and on sale. The pineapple looked pretty good too. I even am treating myself to some very fresh, wild caught salmon tonight. I have organic zucchini to fix with it, along with some wild onions that we picked while on our trip last weekend.

I took this last picture about two weeks ago. Here are two packages of ice cream like treats. They both look yummy. The one on the left appeared at first to be a sweet deal! Fewer calories, sounded like the better pick, by far. Then I read the finer print. The one on the right has four cones in it. The one of the left has EIGHT, and the box weighed LESS than the one on the right with four cones. My guess is that the cones in the left box are itty bitty tiny ones that might have one or two bites to indulge in. Then they are gone. What kind of treat is that???
That's it! I have company coming tomorrow that I wasn't expecting and the house has not recovered from my lack of attention over the past couple weeks. Oh goody...more exercise! (sticking out my tongue)
Till next time...go for a walk!

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