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Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy Bad Girl

I am on the road tonight. I have been bad today, but I don't feel guilty! For supper tonight I had an Arby's Rubin sandwich and ONION RINGS! I haven't had onion rings for over a year. I did have the Thousand Island dressing on the side, rather than letting them put it in the sandwich. I don't think I even used a tablespoon of the stuff. If I had been concerned, I would have had a roast beef sandwich with no sauce or cheese, taken half the bun off and had apple slices or a side salad.

So, why did I "fall off the wagon" today? Well, for one thing, it has been a very active day and will be a very active weekend. We are performing at a renaissance faire. This means being on our feet and walking for most of the weekend. I also ate a good breakfast and had an apple for lunch. Overall I had plenty of calories available to use, and felt like indulging tonight.

Tomorrow will be a little different. I brought along my usual pre-made oatmeal, some strawberries, and my yogurt for breakfasts here. Lunch will be whatever they feed the performers. They usually have a wide variety of foods, so I will just make good choices and not eat the sweets...well, maybe some tiny cookie might be had. Those faire cooks make good eats! Tomorrow night the guys want to go to Wendy's. I still have not decided if I will finally eat that fast food hamburger or not. Part of me is curious as to how it will taste. Part of me thinks it won't taste good and will be a waste. I already know I won't want the fries. Fast food fries just do not taste good to me. The greasy smell gets me first and the sogginess is not appetizing. Last year I had something with chicken.

No matter what, I know I have nothing to be worried about. I am living a lifestyle that is full and rich. My foods can be full and rich too...not EVERY day, mind you...but once in a while there is no reason not to have a few little guilty pleasures and be a bad girl. 

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