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Monday, April 30, 2012

Sweet Dreams Are (not) Made of These...

...who am I to disagree? (I love that song btw)
This photo came across my FaceBook page today. If you didn't already know there was a lot of sugar in some of our favorite drinks, you will now! Oh it pains me to see that chocolate milk in the middle too! My 11 year old son drinks that at school. At least I pack his lunches with healthier choices. Maybe I can talk him into bottled water for next year. I guess if I never give him lunch money or milk money, that might slow him down on the chocolate milk!
It is hard being a mean Mom, especially when it is for his own good. It is hard to balance healthy eating nudging with nagging. I know from personal experience that nagging the wrong way can really backfire for an overweight child. I could really damage his self esteem if I make him feel less of a person because he is overweight. If he thinks he is lacking, he may begin to think I don't love him as much because he isn't 'perfect'.
I try to provide healthy choices and of course I am trying to set a good example for him. I know there isn't a perfect way to approach this stuff with him. My gosh, it is almost as bad talking about puberty as it is about being fat!
I know I am a good Mom though. I know I will do what I can do and things will turn out as they will turn out. I have three older (adult) children that turned out pretty good. I think I will do okay, and I think my youngest will be fine.

I've been reading about carbs and sugars (which are carbs too). I even heard today that we should now worry more about carbs...like we worried about fats in the past. "Fats don't make you fat, carbs do" was the statement made. It is very hard to know what is right when trying to eat better and lose weight. Just like it is very had to know what to say or not say to a growing child. In both cases, we can only do the best we can do! Keep an open mind, be flexible, pick your battles...all those things apply to both learning to live healthier as well as raising kids.

April has been quite a month! It was full of ups and downs and challenges for eating as well as exercising. I hope May gets back to a less hectic pace! One good thing...well one extra good thing that happened, was that ONE MORE TIME, I have quit smoking again. It has been a week now. I hope I can make it longer without starting again. There is no real excuse for starting up. It is a nasty stinky expensive crappy bad ishy icky smelly dirty habit. BLECH!!!

That's it for today. I will be walking tomorrow morning, on the trail. Why don't you come along too!

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