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I'm the 'Lazy Quilter' who doesn't always take the time to try to achieve perfection. I prefer to enjoy the process of creating instead of agonizing over being perfect. I am 'Walker Lady' who changed my lifestyle and lost over 70 pounds in the process! I wear the hats of a Quilter, Artist, Crafter, Musician, Life Coach, Wife, and Mom, all rolled up into one unique human bean!

Saturday, April 30, 2011



I HAVE lost forty pounds now. It seems like it only took a few weeks. I am amazed at how many books and programs that are out there that talk about this particular milestone! I had a hard time coming up with a photo to use. I finally settled on this one:

If you've ever lived on a farm or even visited one, you might have seen these mineral blocks out in the pastures with the cattle, sheep, or horses. There are ones made out of salt too. I think some deer hunters set those out, as well as the farmers that have them out for their animals.
I used to live on a farm and have had to tote many of these blocks out to the middle of a pasture. They are HEAVY! And I have lost one of them since November! Please, DO NOT help me find it!!!

DEAR DIARY: LAST SUNDAY: At yesterday's support group (for those of us who are trying to lose weight), our fearless leader, Robert, asked us how we became motivated to begin this process and then asked how we stay motivated. I was surprised that I had not thought of this recently. I struggled to put it into words.

For me the impetus to start was the time I got on the scale a few months back and saw that my weight was only nine pounds away from hitting 300. That question was the easy one for me to answer. I was getting WAY too fat!

Trying to put into words how I stay motivated was harder. That very day this question was asked, was a day that I was struggling to keep myself motivated! I didn't feel like being there. I am still struggling with motivation today, four full days later!

Some things that have kept me motivated are the support I get from my family. They put up with new foods and ways of eating. They also celebrate the pounds lost and console me when the plateaus hit.

I have been able to shop for some new clothes. For many years now, I have been in sweatshirts, tee-shirts, and sweatpants. I am now shopping the thrift stores and getting some really cute and flattering clothes, without the expense of new. I keep changing sizes, so totally new clothing doesn't make much sense right now.

I also shop the thrift stores for books. I have two that I am currently reading that have motivational writing. I have gotten low-fat cookbooks there too. Having resources like the support group, a good array of books, and the internet has really helped. I can now recognize when I am starting to struggle. I am fighting the urges to give up!

I had a three pound loss last week. That is huge for me! You would think that would keep me motivated too! For some reason though, it is not helping.

DEAR DIARY: WEDNESDAY: YOGA I tried yoga today for the first time. It was depressing. I expected to have trouble getting down to the floor and back up again. I thought I MIGHT have knee issues. What I didn't expect were the wrist issues, and the blood flow to the head making me dizzy, and being put to shame by the seniors in there that are really supple! I am the fattest one in a room of 20+ folks.

Since I spent money to get the yoga mat though, I am resolved to go back again next Wednesday. The teacher is a real sweetheart. She says to do what I can do and not to worry that I cannot do what everyone else is doing. I know I am limited. I also know it is working parts of me that are not working in the pool! Though yoga isn't an aerobic exercise, it IS exercise and makes you break out in a sweat!

For some reason, I didn't think my yoga session was good enough for the day. I ended up and walked 1.3 miles in less than 30 minutes. It hurt! I was exhausted! Is that because I did the yoga that morning? Hmmmmmmm, I wonder? I also walked the 15 minute walk to and from my son's school this afternoon. I just measured that on Google Maps and it is .7 of a mile! That means I did a total of two miles! I have impressed myself!!!

DEAR DIARY: THURSDAY: I forgot to mention that at the end of yesterday's yoga session my phone started ringing. Everyone was doing a quiet meditation that is done for several minutes at the end of class. All of a sudden you can hear crickets and frog chirps...my phone ring tone. It had several of the other people in class, laughing. I did NOT admit it was my phone though! As everyone was leaving later, the instructor asked what were folks talking about when they said they heard crickets? I had to admit that it was my phone ringer. She thought it was funny!

This morning I made it out the door and down to the center to work out in the pool. I am a little stiff and sore from the yoga class! I REALLY noticed it in my belly. I feel like I have done a bunch of sit-ups! It was a pleasant surprise to realize that the yoga DID do some good. I WILL try it again, next week!

I stayed in the pool for an hour and forty-five minutes today. I really tried to make use of the water resistance and to work hard in the pool. This afternoon I will get my son from school. That will add a half mile walk to the mix. No wonder I am still kinda losing weight!

One last thing today. I bought a 40lb. bag of dog food for our dogs. I could barely lift it into the car and then from the car to the house when I got home. It dawned on me that this is how much I have lost already!!!

DEAR DIARY: SATURDAY: So, what IS my secret? How did I lose over 40 pounds? I will now share my secret diet no fail plan with you! It was the D&E Plan! The D&E Plan is a simple one. Anybody can do it! All you have to do is be aware of what you eat and how you eat. You also have to move around, like when exercising. I bet you can do it too! Try the D(diet) & E(exercise) plan along with me and just see the amazing results you will have too!!!


Deb said...

Hi! Keep up the great work!! I read your quilt blog first....which I really related to...and then wandered over to your other blog. You are a busy lady!! I too am a 50 some woman struggling to lose weight, take control of my quilting space. It's nice to know I'm not the only one out there!
Deb from clutteredquilter.blogspot.com

Sherri said...

Thanks for stopping by Deb! Maybe it is a maturity thing? (being fifty-something and tackling all these life challenges)