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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Becoming a Guru?

I am trying something new this week. I like to post on the weekends. I have often had thoughts about things during the week though, that I would like to share. This week, I have taken notes and hope to make this posting more .... more.... um....more better? I think I will go with that. This posting should be "more better."

Tuesday, April 19th: We are about to get hit with yet another storm. It is a wild spring here in central Arkansas! It should be gone by morning though. I plan to walk tomorrow morning. I have been going to the center to swim and then running errands after. Trouble is, I have been doing too many errands after working out! I stay out for hours and get so tired that I can hardly function for the rest of the day!

I worry about the upcoming summer. Will I stay on track? Will I keep walking and going to the pool? Can I keep motivated to keep the eating under control? At least I am pre-planning it all. I also keep telling myself to stop 'fressing' over all these details!!! I have two more months before it becomes an issue! I also have already thought of several different answers to problems that have not happened yet. I will not use this worry business as an excuse to stop doing what I am doing!

Jamie Oliver is on TV again. This time he is in LA, trying to re-vamp the school food system there. He also has been trying to convince a fast food restaurateur to change his menu to have better quality foods. Jamie shows the owner his version of a hamburger that is healthier and doesn't cost more to buy. The burger was 430 calories. I know regular burgers at fast food places are higher in calories and fat, sometimes in the thousands of calories, but 430 does not sound like it is that much healthier. I guess he used hamburger that was 10% fat. So yes, it is considered healthier, but still, would you go to a fast food place, thinking you could get a beef hamburger that was healthy for you?

I like Subway and Taco Bell myself. They not only have a good selection of healthier meals, they make it EASY to figure out what the better choices are on their in-store menus! I was starving while shopping at WallyWorld the other day. This one has a McDonald's in it. I eyed the menu from the checkout line, thinking they MUST have something healthy on their menu that I could eat? I am sure they do, but it is not easy to find. I passed up their food and made it home to my 'safer' choices.

April 20th, Wednesday:
I thought I should change up my exercise and walk again. It was a very nice day to walk. I did 2.4 miles in less than an hour. That is almost two and a half miles!!! Did I REALLY do this???

A few days later I challenged myself to walk in the heat. It was 80° outside. I melted, but I did it!

Saturday: April 23rd
I lost three pounds! I am officially over the 40 pound loss mark now. I have 75.8 pounds to goal weight. I wonder if I will ever make it?

I came across these in the store next to the rice snack cakes the other day:
They are SO good! When I get the urge to have a chip, at least I can reach for something like this. Even if I ate the whole bag, it wouldn't be nearly as bad as just a single serving of 'normal' chips.

Next week I plan to try Yoga for the first time ever. I am not the Yoga type. Am I becoming a Guru for others now? Will there be followers of this blog? I don't know if that would be a good thing or not!
If you've read this far you must not have better things you could be doing! Did you wonder about that first photo at the beginning of this posting? That was me, back in California. I weighed about 280 in that photo. I was going to try to lose weight then too. That was seven years ago! (it didn't work)
I have spent SO much time trying to lose weight. Why is this time different? Will I be able to keep doing it? Let's find out! See you next week!

(NOTE: This was published yesterday but the date shows the first day I started adding information to it. I will edit my postings in a different way next week, so as to reflect the actual DAY I posted, not the day I started posting)

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