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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chewing the Fat

I stumbled across a book at the second hand store the other day, that I am actually enjoying! It is "From Fat to Fit" by Carole Carson. It turns out she has a whole website of stuff for those of us trying to gain control of our lives and to live better. So far I like her style. She is close to my age and I like reading about someone I can identify with.

I know it is somewhat unfair of me to say, but her website is somewhat of a turnoff for me. There are SO many other websites out there that a person can look at! I get tired of the commercialism of it all. I don't know if Ms Carson's website is one that is a money raking deal or one there to really try to help out folks, or both. Eventually I hope to explore her website more and I will let you know if it is 'one of the good ones' or not! It does appear to have a lot of possibilities though!

I am half way through her book. This covers the first 16 weeks that she tackled her weight and fitness issues. Although she lost the weight rather fast for my taste, she DID share a lot of the ups and downs she had had. I can relate to that. She is a tennis nut and really enjoys that sport. I cannot relate to tennis, at all!

I am at the part of her book where she talks about maintaining her weight and fitness level. One thing I got out of this part, so far, is that we are all only an injury away from disaster! It takes a long time to recover, especially at our older ages. However, if we remain as fit as we can, we WILL recover faster and better than we would if we were couch potatoes.

In other news, I had lost almost two pounds between last Saturday to Thursday and then gained back part of it by Saturday. I know, it really doesn't pay to get on that scale too often, but I just can't resist! I ended up and officially lost .2lbs. Whoop-dee-d0. hahahaha Hey, at least it IS a loss!

I am almost at the end of my second ten weeks. If I reach my goal, I will be a hair's breath away from the 240's. I have two weeks left and less than three pounds to go to hit that goal.
Next week starts a whole new chapter as The Mister starts a new job. This means a scheduling change for when I can go to the gym and pool. I should be able to go more often! I will keep you posted.

Bye for now, gentle readers! See you next week.

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