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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Now Ain't That a Kick in the Pants!!!

I am really working my program and expected to see a bit of a weight loss at today's weigh-in. I also weigh in on Tuesdays and according to THAT scale, I had lost six pounds!!! Imagine my surprise when today's scale read a puny half pound loss!!!
To put a positive spin on this all, at least I didn't gain two pounds like the home scale read!!! By the way, those half pounders, in the photo above, are 17-25 grams of fat, each. That is the number of fat grams I shoot to stay UNDER for the whole DAY!!!

My sweet husband said it was just a plateau and that I had probably made a lot of muscle that weighs more than fat. He is so supportive!

Truly, though, I am quite PO'd about the lack of a bigger number, and very disappointed that I didn't get under 270 yet. However, I am NOT about to throw in the towel! Not this time! No way, no how!!!

Ok, I am off to get the child from school. I worked hard in the pool for 90 minutes this morning and will walk the longer way around to my son's school for an additional 20-30 minutes of exercising. Add the grocery shopping I did, and I easily exercised for over two hours today.


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Blue said...

Don't fret, you are gaining muscle and that is a good thing. The rest will come. Hard, I know, but just keep moving and you will feel better all around. Hugs, Blue