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Monday, July 24, 2017

Oh Just Grow Up!

Like so many bloggers, I don't like writing when I don't like what I want to write about. I have seen other bloggers doing the same. If, for example, you are doing a weight loss blog and you, yourself, are not losing weight, you might go quiet and not write. (sound familiar?)
Dex and I, camping this spring
We hold ourselves up to such high standards. When we stop posting, is it because we are letting ourselves down or letting our readers down? Or both?
The Mister, tending the campfire
I am still trying to figure out what my life should become....how I should be living....no, not HOW but WHAT? What would make me happy?
I am not trying to push this over! It was an exercise stop on a trail we were on
Here I am, almost 63 years old. It feels both SO old and SO young, at the same time! I've been a Mom for over 35 years. I've had at least one child living with me all those years. Currently I have two still here. Don't get me wrong, I ADORE my kids, but a part of me is looking forward to the next chapter in my life and more alone time with The Mister.
My young man, enjoying the view
In two years, my youngest will graduate high school. Hopefully my daughter's life will be better and she will be able to move out and be on her own again too. I am thankful we were able to take her in, in her time of need. (She is dealing with some health issues that are not resolved yet.)

Anyway, I look forward to my future. I am also getting to feel more selfish. My husband is younger than I am. He won't be able to get social security for ten more years. I could get SS now, but it is only a couple hundred dollars. At this point, it isn't worth it to apply for.
Extra-wide chairs at the doctor's office!
Obesity is very prevalent, here in the south. Our doctor's office has adjusted for this by having these very sturdy, extra-wide chairs in the waiting rooms.
Camping and Computering with the help from my Dexter Dog
But what do I want in life? What do I want to do when I grow up? Where do I want to live? I don't know. That bothers me a lot.

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Crabby McSlacker said...

Not knowing is tough, but good for you for asking! So many people just "endure" life without exploring what they might really want and what might fulfill them. So keep asking the tough questions but go easy on yourself that answers are elusive! The questioning is still worthwhile. And who knows when an unexpected answer may step up out of nowhere and say hello.

Hang in there!