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Friday, April 04, 2014

Walker Lady - Reloading

So I stayed off the scale for a month and gained almost ten pounds. Ain't that just a kick in the head? I know I've been skating along for the past year and this weight gain really is no surprise. I just kept thinking the fat loss fairy was going to hang around even though I was eating more and exercising less…a LOT less.

I'd been listening to some older podcasts from Heather's selections on "Half Size Me". This particular episode was from August 2012. She interviewed a woman who had lost 120 pounds and had another 120 to go. She sounded so positive and promising. I went and looked up her blog to see how she was doing now and discovered that she had gained a lot of the weight back. Ack! I feel so bad for folks like that. It is SO common too.

Which plan of attack do I try? What do I change first?

I read that getting as little as 23-30 minutes of sunlight before noon can affect your BMI by 20% for the better!

I am NOT going to be one of those who loses all that weight and then puts it all back on again! I do not want to go back there! I know a wise woman with a lot of great advice. I shall start listening to her again. I hear she goes for lots of walks with her dog.

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Crabby McSlacker said...

Sorry I missed this while I was offline, but I love your attitude!

I think most successful maintainers have some up and down periods; the difference is between those who give up and those who keep fighting, and you sound determined to be a fighter!

Hope it's going better!