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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

I started this post shortly after I finished the last one a week or so ago. In reading Crabby's blog today, I realized that I should just finish this one and get it out there! I hope it makes some sort of sense to you.

GUILT: Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive. We lie, cheat, and steal. You say you don't do such things? You have never lied about what you've eaten? You have never cheated on your diet? You have never stolen a taste of something decadent? I bet you have a bridge for sale too, eh?

Much has been written about the psychology of over eating. Theories abound about some past trauma leading to eating to self-medicate so we feel better. How can we feel better though, if while trying to lose weight, we lie, cheat, or steal an evil food substance? There is no room for guilt in a diet. A true diet is just a blanket term for the total sum of the foods we, or any other living thing, eats. Animals all are on a diet. Some eat grass as their only food source. Some eat meat. Even plants have a diet.

Most folks think of being on a diet as some trial by fire they have to deal with in utter agony. This means that if they are successful and lose the weight, they will go off their diet. OR if they are unsuccessful and quit, they are also going off their diet.
  • I say, don't think of it as a diet; it is a lifestyle change. 
  • Don't think of what you eat as seeing how much deprivation you can deal with before giving up.
  • Don't go ON a diet that implies you will get OFF a diet.
Instead...change your life. Eat like you think a person with your ideal weight would eat. For example, say your goal weight is 150 pounds. Live your life as close to a person who weighs 150 lives. How much do they exercise? What do they eat? Do they NEVER have cheesecake? Maybe they do if they are lactose intolerant. A normal weight person will have that cotton candy at the fair. They won't have it every time they see that stale crap in a plastic bag at the grocery store though.

Every little change you can make will count. Every tweak you make, will make a difference. Take the power over what you eat and learn how to not give food so much power over you! Self medications are things such as smoking, liquor, drugs, food, etc. What does it get you? What is the reward you get for abusing your body so? Instead, can you maybe ride through the rough spots and realize that things will get better? If you need help, get it!  But don't self medicate by abusing your body even more. Strive to make things better and eventually they will. I never thought so until I hit my mid 50's. I firmly believe that if I want things to get better I have to believe they will get better and then you know what? They DO get better!    

So I am still stuck in the upper 180's. It is my own fault. I keep pushing to see how much I can eat and how little I can exercise and still maintain under 200 pounds. So far, so good. BUT, is it good enough? Am I willing to take the next step to either lose a bit more weight or to accept this is my lowest weight?

I am not sure.

I am going to turn 60 next year. For some reason, that number is weirding me out. My parents both passed in their 60's. If I knew I was going to die at age 64, like Mom did, would I do anything differently?

The lettuce is growing like a weed! I currently have six plants. Two of them are getting some serious roots started. I am experimenting with a mini hydroponic planter made from plastic water bottles.

I am also trying to grow a pineapple. I just started one in water and have a second one drying out before putting it into water too. I always thought you started with a sliced top. You don't, you start with the crown of 'leaves' that you twist off the top.

Not much walking in the heat and humidity but we've been to the pool a few times and maybe soon I will be able to get back into the gym with my favorite trainer from last fall!

See? Things DO get better....ya just gotta believe!


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