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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Those blasted food manufacturers again!

I read the other day that most stores have stopped carrying full fat Fage yogurt.
Why would you want full fat yogurt? Mostly I like to use it as my ice cream. It tastes good with chocolate syrup on it! Or butterscotch even. I might try freezing if I can find it somewhere else again. Also I have found that the full fat (and sometimes the 2%) is more satisfying. The fat fills you up and sticks with you longer.
The zero fat leaves me craving for more!
I still like the zero fat for sour cream replacement though, it is tangy.
Also, did you notice that the zero fat Fage is an ounce LESS than the 2% Fage but sells for the same price? That makes the 2% a better deal, money wise.
I had to laugh when I heard about the Kraft Mac n Cheese news this week.
Well, I guess it is NOT funny that the US version can have those nasty yellow dyes in them. But when the ladies behind the movement to get those colors out of the US version, were on Dr. Oz this past week, Dr. Oz did a comparison. He thought the UK version actually looked a little yellower and tastier. When he did a taste comparison he said, "This (the UK version) tastes like I remember it as a kid!"
Is Dr. Oz that young? My mac n cheese in my childhood was made from elbow macaroni and melted Velveeta. I don't know why, but this just struck me as funny. By the way, I am not a huge fan of Dr. Oz...in case you couldn't tell.

Finally today, I came across this:
If I could find a source for raw milk I would buy it in a heartbeat! I don't know why I don't trust the FDA. I am sure they are not influenced by food manufacturers. (insert sarcasm here)

I am hanging in here. I have still not been able to meet up with my trainer and am thinking how to work around that. He is now sick. I feel sorry for him but am glad I have not plunked down the $75 to see him yet. If I come up with a replacement idea, I am going to skip seeing him. I know I CAN do a routine on my own. I just need to come up with one!

I am smoking again...sorta. There, I have admitted it. I would say I am at about two per day. I am fighting it. I make no promises other than if I DO go full fledged with these damn things, I will quit again too. Sorry to have let you down on that.

The weight is not budging. Big F-in' surprise there. I am not moving as much as I used to. I AM eating pretty clean though. Trouble is, some of the clean eating involved sunflower seeds and pistachios. I hope you hang in with me here though. Just because I am struggling, doesn't mean I can't be helpful, now does it? I hope not!!!

That is is for today. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! I plan to. Walk on!!!


Sherri D said...

If you had my blog arrive in your email you might notice the thing about the FDA has been changed. I should have looked harder at the web site where the original picture came from. Once I did, I took the picture down off my blog and typed the information in, instead. I cannot support the original web site, no matter how I was using their photo.

If you don't know what the hell I am talking about, that is ok too. :D Just ignore and read the posting that appears up above these comments now.

Crabby McSlacker said...

I do wish the FDA were more trustworthy, but then so many of the watchdog groups have an agenda of their own, it gets so confusing! I just figure the less processed stuff I eat the better.

And seems like if your weight is holding steady even as you've cut down to 2 cigarettes a day, that's a victory! Perhaps before long you'll be down to 1 a day and then who knows... Good that you haven't just said "forget it, quitting is too hard I won't even try" and are still trying to do your best to be as healthy as possible.

Sherri D said...

Thanks Crabby, I appreciate your cheering me on. Sadly tho, I must confess that I am UP to two smokes a day...after having gone without smokes for many months. I WILL quit 100% again and I WILL probably smoke now and again. On the health front tho, it does seem to get easier to say NO to the cigs. It would also help if my husband would quit. :D