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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Best Ideas of....OOOOO SHINY!!!

How come I have all these GREAT ideas for postings throughout the day, and when I get time to sit and write, I have forgotten them? I have tried writing down notes to remind me, but then I lose the notes. I have a hand-held recording device, but I left it somewhere, where I can't find it. (we won't mention that I don't know how to work it very well yet) I wish I could blame this on old-age-brain, but I've been this way most of my life....at least I think I have...I forget now....what was I saying? ....

This past Saturday I went to an event. My favorite yoga studio had sent out a notice that they were having a "Healthy Life, Wellness, and You, Workshop" I thought it might be fun to go to! Imagine, local folks talking about something I have a passion for...living healthier! In the notice, there were pictures of some of the current hot-topic-books like "Wheat Belly". I really thought this was all going to be very informative!

Imagine my dismay when it turned out to be an infomercial. Protein powder, healthy candy substitutes, power powders to enhance your drinking water, and more, were offered up for sale. OR you can make thousands of dollars selling this junk stuff, by becoming a distributor. I knew this company was going to be there, but I stupidly did not realize it was going to be the whole program. The quote that I liked the best was when they said "Pork is, of course, really bad for you because pigs don't sweat so they are full of toxins."
I was NOT amused.

They also said many other things that I could rail on about, but what's the point why bother? It was just another example of the fluffy getting exploited...as well as other naive folks who thought they were going to find information on healthier living. Anyone want to detoxify your body in 30 days? You know your liver and kidneys can't do it without help. Just think of all those toxins in your liver? How on earth are you still alive??? (I hope you can tell I don't buy into any of this crap, garbage, propaganda, detox theory stuff.)

So it was a waste of time. I sure wish I could gather a group of such folks and edumacate them. My ideals are not that far out there. I really think I could help folks. Now if only I could convince myself of that! Just because I am struggling right now, I feel I lack validity in telling or even suggesting to others, how to lose weight and live better. But I DID lose that 100 pounds and I have kept it off for a year now. That counts for something...I know it should anyway.......hmmmm

My other yoga class has been a bummer lately too. A lady is trying to get her certification and is substitute teaching our yoga class. This gives our regular yoga person a much needed and well deserved break. (These are both volunteers) I give the sub credit for wanting to become certified. It is a lot of work and I am sure she knows her stuff. I just don't like her yoga routines. I've had a number of different yoga teachers over this past year. This is the first one that I don't mesh with. That isn't too bad though! AND it really makes me appreciate my other teachers even more. I need to be sure to tell them that, the next time I see them.

Carboys.... wait, what? .... I was writing a note to myself about something on Crabby's blog and I wrote Carboys....Most of those letters are in her moniker, right? She has been kind enough to stop by my blog on a fairly regular basis. I had to bribe her to do it, but I am glad she does visit. The link to her blog is over on the left. She has a GREAT blog. Read it!

Ok dear readers, I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Don't eat too many jelly beans but do slow down and enjoy the ones you do have! (I like the black and purple ones bestest)
Walk On!


Cynthia said...

Hi Sherri,
This is in reply to your last two posts - I hope you do hang in there and keep posting. You DO have readers that love your well thought out, reality-based perspectives. There is not enough of that in this arena. And this is why you should not hesitate to try to educate others, even in a formal setting. Even though you are currently stuck in the weight dept and have admitted to smoking a little, neither of those things invalidates your experiences or wisdom. That's what's good about reality-based info. It is valid on its own, independent of its conveyer. Your methods have worked for you and can work for others. You are just not done yet. In fact, we are never "done". The fact that we can expect to struggle (I just visited my son in Charleston, SC again and believe me, it was an orgy of food that I am regretting right now) and that we can get right back on that horse is the most important part of your message and you are a great exemplar of that.

Sherri D said...

I think I love Cynthia. :D

In HER honor, I went out, had a cigarette and THEN put a damn patch on. Thanks for the kick in the pants Cynthia, even though you were not exactly kicking me!

Thank you too, for your wonderful comments. It helps keep me motivated. And not to worry yet...I am not giving up...just struggling. As a friend of mine in real life often tells me, "You mean you ARE human?" Ya, I guess I am and I don't know any other 'perfect' humans, so why should I expect perfection in MY life!

Thanks again Cynthia. :D