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I'm the 'Lazy Quilter' who doesn't always take the time to try to achieve perfection. I prefer to enjoy the process of creating instead of agonizing over being perfect. I am 'Walker Lady' who changed my lifestyle and lost over 70 pounds in the process! I wear the hats of a Quilter, Artist, Crafter, Musician, Life Coach, Wife, and Mom, all rolled up into one unique human bean!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Dashing through the snow...

Just dashing in for a quick hello! 


No snow here yet. Perhaps by Christmas Day!
Today begins a five day stint with no exercise classes. Whatever will I do?
I am going out to dinner tonight, to celebrate with my husband. It is his birthday today!
I am glad the world didn't end, as some feared.
I refuse to change the number above, that says what I weigh. I've been all over the place and even saw a 180 for a day. I will see what happens in 2013, after the holidays and all the goodies I plan to enjoy!

Has anyone noticed that chicken prices are not very good right now? I have a freezer full of beef roasts and ground beef. I have one package of pork. I have no chicken. Well, I suppose I could have chicken if I bought regular chicken and wasn't waiting for the organic chicken to be on sale. How dare I want to wait for a sale price? It might have something to do with the organic chicken being higher priced per pound than the steak that I buy sometimes!!!
I should look into raising chickens in the back yard. But then I would have to butcher them myself as my hubby and child would hightail it out of here if they saw me wielding an ax.

For the first time that I can recall, I am looking forward to enjoying a goodie or two this holiday season. For the first time, I am not afraid of having a treat or two! For the first time I am not worried. For the first time, I feel in control of what I choose to eat. I will over indulge a bit here and there and I might gain a pound or so. THIS year though, I know I can take it back off as I get back into my routine of exercising and eating right.

It is still SO very easy! I cannot believe how successful I have been and continue to be! Really, if you are struggling, don't give up. Figure out what works for you and in the words of Picard, "Make it so."

On a serious note, yes, I DID walk in remembrance for the children and adults who died in Newtown. It felt good to pay homage to them. I am doing more, but for today, this was the right thing to do.

Now dear readers...enjoy the holidays, your families, your lives, and as always,

Walk On

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