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Friday, October 12, 2012

The "Un-Meal"

I am often asked about what I eat on a day to day basis. I really don't eat too many odd things....at least not every day. You'll always find my Fage - 0% fat - Greek yogurt in my fridge. Most of the time you'll find eggs, baby organic spinach, and a variety of veggies. More than 50% of the time you will find some form of chicken, cooked, and ready to add to salad, sandwich, or soup. Pre-cooked oatmeal will be in the fridge or freezer in single serving containers.

Today has been an odd day...an "un-meal" day. Breakfast had sauteed onions and mushrooms, wilted spinach, two poached eggs, a fresh orange, and an English muffin. That isn't too radical, but it isn't oatmeal either. I used to eat 99% of my breakfasts as oatmeal.

Not strange enough for you? I made up for it at lunch time. I had an organic apple, a half cup of 'diet' trail mix, and ten pickled herring pieces. The Norwegian is coming out of me with that herring. YUM!!!

Supper will be much more traditional. I am fixing pork loin roast, red potatoes, and steamed veggies.

I have been enjoying lots of food experiments. Some work out and many do not! I like making food more fun. I love not having food as 'the enemy'!

A few tips regarding yogurt. I really am loyal to my Fage Greek yogurt. If I want a tangy flavor or want a substitute for sour cream, I use the fat free style. If I need something sweeter and more dessert like, I use the 2% style. I sometimes use a very good quality jam (not jelly) to add my fruit to the yogurt. I will not buy the yogurt with their own added fruit on the bottom, or even on the side. I sometimes use sugar free, fat free instant pudding mix with my yogurt. A teaspoon or more, to taste, can truly turn simple yogurt into a very satisfying treat! Plus, yogurt is good for you!

And yes, I know that instant pudding is not the best thing. I make exceptions for some things. I also have discovered lemon and lime curd. I will add one or the other to yogurt as well. Curd has a LOT more sugar in it though. It comes down to the lessor of two evils I guess. Chemicals or sugars. More important to me is being satisfied from a craving that could have soooooo many more calories. I like these concoctions that keep guilt out of the ingredient list.

(LATER THAT DAY) Ok, so that is how my day had gone until supper. I made the mistake of making brownies for my son for after supper dessert tonight. The Chocolate Demon then descended upon me, forced my mouth open and made me eat about two or three chewy oooooey gooey brownies! Bad Chocolate Demon...bad bad bad.

I have also had the "Eve Complex" today. Whole Foods has their great fall apple crops in, in all their glorious splendor!!! I've had four so far today.

I bet I have gained five pounds. Grrrrrrr......and how many thousands of extra calories have I eaten? I actually kept track and it was between two and four hundred. Big whoop-de-do! It isn't exact because I am not sure on the brownies' calorie count. I have allowed for a bunch of them, just in case. I would rather over estimate than under estimate. Too bad I can't "Un-Meal" the times I over did my caloric count. I guess I need to find a magic wand for that too!

In other news our state's fair started today. I think I will go there and have cotton candy...and a funnel cake. Actually, though I might have some of those treats, I doubt I could eat a whole funnel cake without getting sick. Even when PLANNING to be bad, I am not bad. Nope. I am LIVING life with indulgences now and then.  It is all part of living a healthy lifestyle. I have said it before and will say it again...if I can do it, so can you!

Walk-on folks! See ya next time...

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