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Thursday, May 03, 2012

What's Going to Happen Now?

Many people that know me in 'real life' know me as a quilter. I also dabble in fiber arts...that means I make stuff out of fabric that can be artistic. I make a few items of clothing, but am not a patient detailed seamstress, so my attempts at clothing from scratch often turn out odd.

As you've read, life and I are not in tune with each other these days. One of the first clues that I get is when I think about selling off my studio full of fabrics, crafts, sewing machines, and artist supplies, to name a few things. When I start thinking that way, I know it is time to pay attention to myself and figure out what is going wrong.

I know I am still eating right and I am going through the motions of the same exercise regime that I always have been doing. I also know I am not doing either with the zest, energy, or conviction I've had in the past. As to why this is happening, I still think it is partially the let down after all the excitement of April's events. I still think it is partially having given up cigarettes again. I need to find a new goal to push myself towards. Perhaps with school ending in a few weeks and the major shift in my exercise methods, there will be a shift back to a more enthusiastic self.

Now as to today's feelings...
Yes, that is how I felt today..........the damn scale was up...a lot! Six pounds! You can bet I am going to be looking long and hard at why this is going on now. It makes me want to use it as an excuse to say thinner is better so I should pick up those smokes again! Ya! That makes a whole lot of sense, doesn't it? You and I both know the answer. I will be patient and ride this latest thing...whatever it is...till the weight goes in the other direction again. I have a few guesses that I may try. I think changing up my exercise will be one of the first things I will attempt. Food wise, I really think I am doing ok on...but I will double check that too.

You know how I almost always end these posts with something about going for a walk? You know that movie that came out a few years ago with the dog that is talking and gets distracted by a squirrel? Have you ever heard the expression "Ooooooooooooo, SHINY!"? I get distracted by things like these cool socks...
Aren't these great! I would wear them while going for a walk...in public! Do you think anywone would notice? I love kooky socks. I need to find some with skulls on them.

..........go for a walk!

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