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I'm the 'Lazy Quilter' who doesn't always take the time to try to achieve perfection. I prefer to enjoy the process of creating instead of agonizing over being perfect. I am 'Walker Lady' who changed my lifestyle and lost over 70 pounds in the process! I wear the hats of a Quilter, Artist, Crafter, Musician, Life Coach, Wife, and Mom, all rolled up into one unique human bean!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Short, Sweet, and Pretty Simple

It is kinda busy around these parts. I am still basking in the 'glory' of having met that 100 pound milestone! I have a renewed empathy for those who have to work, take care of kids still at home, or just lead very busy lives too! This week started off with out of state company, a guild meeting, a class, and a day with the same out of state company! I struggled to exercise as much as I could, but it certainly was not easy! I did manage to eat pretty good, but again, I am struggling to meet the minimum amount of calories that I should be eating! All is well so far though. Today's meeting gave me a chance to peek at my weight on the scale and it is still going down! I can hardly wait to see what it is on Saturday.

No cute clip art pictures with today's posting. I have a show coming up and I have a laptop that I need to learn how to use. :) I am typing this with the laptop tonight! It is good you can teach old dogs new tricks!

Till next time...go for a walk with me!!!


:-D eirdre said...

Congrats on reaching your first goal - what an awesome accomplishment! All the best on the next part of your journey.

And you definitely deserved the rewards! ENJOY

Sherri D said...

Thank you Deirdre!!! I AM enjoying the rewards too. Thanks for stopping by!