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Thursday, December 08, 2011

I have a challenge for you!

It's been a challenge to get my exercising in this week. Over the weekend we had a big rainstorm come in. Usually I can watch the radar and get a run/walk done, in between downpours. Not this time! It rained steadily from Saturday night through Monday morning!!!
I still was able to get to the center for my usual Saturday swim. I was down a pound again. (happy dance) Sunday I was unable to get much of anything done, exercise wise. I was just 'off' that day and gave myself permission to relax a bit. Monday I braved the flooded roads and went to the center for my Yoga class. However, when I got there, the class had been cancelled! RATS!!! I went home and spent hours, decorating and cleaning house. I was exhausted by the end of the day and my legs were noodle-ish.

Though the weather had turned colder on Tuesday, I was back on the trails for a wonderful run/walk! How cold was it you ask? Cold enough to have this facing us Wednesday morning:
Thankfully the roads were mostly just wet. The overpasses were icy and there were a lot of fender benders out there. I have one overpass between myself and the center and braved the route to the center for the Wednesday Yoga class. It took a lot longer than normal, to get to class, but the teacher was there and it was a great workout!

During my run/walks, I most always listen to a podcast or three. One of my favorites is the Fat2Fit guys podcast. In the episode I was listening to, the guys posed a challenge to buy ten fruits for the week and to have several of them be fruits that you have never tried! I already had an orange and frozen raspberries so I bought eight more fruits at the store. Two are ones I have never had or used before.
You can see, in the photo above, a pineapple, strawberries, a banana, grapes, an apple, a pear, a quince, and a pummelo. Those last two are new to me! The quince is the smaller yellow fruit on the left and the pummelo is the grapefruit (on steroids) to the right.

My challenge to you is to buy or have, ten fruits in your house at one time, with at least two being ones you have never tried before! I will report back to you, how I did with the quince and pummelo.

Until next time, go for a walk!

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