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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Book Review: Water With Lemon

I just finished "Water with Lemon" last night. The book is written in a fictional way with the main character, Karen, coming to terms with her life, marriage, and her battle with weight loss.

The eight habits that are introduced in the book are great common sense ways to incorporate in your weight fighting lifestyle.

Overall, it was a fast read. It was hard for me to combine the thought process of fictional story with non-fictional facts.

I liked some of the ideas to help with weight loss in this book. Although I got tired of reading "water with lemon" that was almost on every page of the book! I exaggerate, but it sure was mentioned a LOT! hahaha

I will take away some of the ideas from the book, like making large batches of meals and freezing some to make your own 'fast food' meals easier. I might slice up a lemon and put it in a container in the fridge. Then when I get water, I will put a slice in the bottom of the glass before adding the water. It sounds refreshing!

I went to the web site that is mentioned in the book. There I found the "Lickety-Split" cookbook. I thought this was an old ancient book that the character, Fowler, had found. It isn't. It is a full blown cookbook that the author made to go with the book. I didn't like that the prices for this cookbook are, what I consider, very high.

If you can wrap your head around the story parts of this book and keep it separate from the diet plan, I think you might enjoy it. It is a predictable and easy plot to follow. I am sure the plans, the habits mentioned, would help out some to tackle their weight loss methods.

I will take away from this book some 'food for thought' and possibly incorporate it into my regime. I won't spend the money on their web site, for any of the companion books or DVD's though! I will subscribe to her newsletter to see if it is a helpful thing. If it is more a sales gimmick, I will not keep using the newsletter though!

I still like sparkpeople.com the most. It has been a good fit for me and my style of making healthy changes in my life. Everyone should read or look at all types of different things to find what fits or what works best for them, personally. Everyone of us is unique. Our plans of attack should be unique too!

I hope you enjoyed this book review. I am working on another one already! Be kind to yourself today. We are all so lucky to have another day to live!

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