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Sunday, July 10, 2011


There was a very good article in my Spark People newsletter this morning. It talked about everything in moderation. The last page of the article had this paragraph:

"By refusing to be a perfectionist, you can take most of the stress out of weight loss. You’ll see small problems as what they are—very small problems, not major calamities that mean you've blown it. You'll be able to find pleasure and satisfaction in the fact you’re learning as you go and doing a little better all the time. No more making things worse because your perfectionism caused you to write off the rest of the day or week after one little slip."

I suffer from a mild anxiety disorder and perfectionism issues used to trigger failure. It used to be if I ate one bite of a 'bad food' I may as well give up, forever. I bet a lot of folks think this way. I have finally gotten to where I recognize many of these triggers and have been able to overcome them more and more. I no longer see things as an absolute.

This morning I actually gave in to something that has been on my mind for a long time. My husband likes to get doughnuts every Sunday morning. Most of the time I pass on having any. This morning, I did not. This was my plate:
That is one eighth of a maple frosted cream filled Long John and a doughnut hole. One whole Long John has 425 calories and 11 grams of fat. I made it a plan to have just a little bit...just a little taste. Using a tool that we discussed in the weight loss support group yesterday, I took my time, eating the Long John. The trick is that you are supposed to savor and enjoy your food. You are not supposed to wolf it down as fast as you can! The faster you can eat, the more you can stuff in your tummy! Right?

I gave myself permission to eat the doughnut slowly. I managed to divide it into three bites. I actually did not eat the doughnut hole! In class yesterday, our Fearless Leader restated the fact that the first bite of food packs the most flavor punch. We taste the first mouthful of food the most intensely. This really is true. I found that third morsel of this Long John had little to no flavor. I could not even taste the maple frosting. In fact, the whole thing didn't taste as good as I had imagined. This made it easy to pass on the doughnut hole.
In a perfect world, it used to be that that bite of doughnut would mean failure. In a realistic world, it is not! I continue to strive to slow down and taste my food. It is one of the hardest things for me to learn. I have made some progress though. Think of the tortoise and eat slowly. Taste your food!!! And if your food is not satisfying to your palate, don't waste your calories on it. Toss it and find something more to your liking.
That is my advice for today! Now go for a walk, if the temperatures are cooler where you are. I am headed to the pool this afternoon. See you next week!

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Shirley said...

Hi Sherri, got your shout-out, thanks. Congrats on your milestone, your progress is phenomenal. I think thats spelled wrong. Anyway, am back from vacation and heading back to the center today. Love your blog. YOU GO GIRL!!!

Shirley from the center